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a little pull back before breaking $20 and beyond!!!
When is this rocket taking off again….
This week apparently
big down side
infinite upside
ryan cohen. here we go apes
Yer having a laugh mate, it will be $4 before we know it.
Whats up …..
Omg 2 years later and this found still on sound ….
gamestop: near a billion dollars cash on hand, no debt, currently transforming into a company of the future. the only negatives are if your short on it and I feel sorry for anyone who is as its costly being short.
How’s that working out?
Ouch…..thats a lot if people jumping off.
jumping off, to correct that statement thats an interesting increase of shorts yet they don't have to report it
it's almost systematically impossible for GME to not start a large upward trend after the q4 and 10k filings. unless something unethical is happening within the market.
d.r.s.g.m.e !!!
I hear they're is a handy website to help people who don't know how yet.
I'm wondering what to do right now with GME, Hodl or hold
directly from CS
game start again
I'm choosing to own mine mate ... and just keep on accumulating
Q4 had a net profit, no debt, over 1.2 Billion in cash or cash equivalents with signs that they have a well laid out road map to reach and sustain profitability. They have also made strong partnerships
banks going under and GME on the raise good times
Let’s get back this stock to 20’s & 30’s
lets go
Well time to halt again, I'm a bigger fan of holding personally
Glitches are far to common in area's handling billions of consumers money. I think we need a method to fix this
it seems the bank of America has magically lost it customers money. I am glad I invested in a stable company with strong prospects for the future.
I like the company, I like it's prospects. I just like the Stock
I like the stock.
no bears here all apes
Calling out my boys Marko and anyone else? Where my bears at
one thing that I am curious about is to what degree is GME shorted possibly highest % in history. How can you close a short position is there isn't a share available to use to close it. Interesting time to he alive or the best time to be alive?
biden and cronies can do whatever they want and still be a hero the next day....
@hope meng who gives a flying duck? Believe it or not, there are many people who's lives don't revolve around the US
web3 is part of the next stage GameStop is backing it early ownership is a massive part of web3. there marketplace and position itself is well placed to be a strong structure of web3. I'd never worry about investing towards the future which seems to lean in web3 ownerships and decentralised currency. ETH+GME.
this quarter reported a positive cash flow which is a great achievement. it's seems as if gamestop next quarter will be almost completely positive showing our board is doing excellent work. steady growth and excellent management. I'm very pleased
I'm also unsure as to why but as of this moment I've had 3 unknown errors on my account on this platform that have stopped me posting. without me being flagged for any violations. Glitches seem to be everywhere