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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Boost Natural GAS 3X Leverage Daily3NGL0.1645+1.86%6.31M16:22:00 
 Boost Natural GAS 3X Leverage Daily3LNG11.85+2.61%2.19M16:27:00 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITSISF721.90+0.47%2.08M16:35:00 
 Boost WTI Oil 3X Leverage Daily3OIL1.1350-0.35%1.40M16:28:00 
 Lyxor UCITS FTSE 100 C-GBPL100983.55+0.45%712.62K15:43:00 
 iShares Automation & Robotics AccRBOT8.033+0.69%632.21K16:26:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS DistIDEM47.1375+1.16%518.30K16:35:00 
 iShares UK Property UCITSIUKP588.90-0.62%447.61K16:27:00 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITSIWDA55.08+0.04%429.66K16:35:00 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS USD IncVUSD52.08+0.10%394.02K16:35:00 
 iShares Fallen Angels HY Corp BndISWING5.4988-0.11%381.33K16:09:00 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ Emerging Markets Bond UCITSIEMB110.72+0.07%341.44K16:35:00 
 ETFS Natural GasNGAS0.0312+0.65%334.70K15:19:00 
 iShares JPX-Nikkei 400 EUR HdgNK4E5.630-0.62%310.74K14:36:00 
 iShares Core UK Gilts UCITSIGLT12.93+0.27%301.82K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Japan DR 2DXMUJ23.490-0.16%285.23K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan Hedged UCITSIJPD36.170-0.19%251.81K15:50:00 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSEIMI31.60+1.09%243.75K16:35:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD FinancialsIUFS7.5825+0.50%241.05K16:35:00 
 iShares STOXX Europe Small 200 UCITSSCXPEX28.3800+2.07%240.77K13:58:52 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS USD IncVUSA37.34+0.43%230.95K16:28:00 
 ETFS WTI Crude OilCRUD8.838-0.23%222.13K16:29:00 
 iShares FTSE 250 UCITSISMIDD1,892.20+0.02%220.91K16:28:00 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Acc Share ClassISLQDA5.069-0.12%211.10K5:00:00 
 iShares US Property Yield UCITSIDUP25.2450-1.50%190.75K15:27:00 
 iShares Fallen Angels HY Corp BndRISE394.4-0.03%190.05K15:26:00 
 iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIHYG106.82+0.02%173.42K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 2x Inverse Daily UCITS 1CXT2D1.978+0.28%164.57K16:16:00 
 iShares $ TIPS 0-5 Dist Share ClassTIP54.936+0.05%155.54K16:22:00 
 Vanguard FTSE 100 UCITS GBP IncVUKE32.46+0.60%152.69K16:29:00 
 iShares $ Corporate Bond UCITSLQDE112.84-0.02%151.58K16:35:00 
 iShares S&P 500 UCITS DistIDUS27.30+0.12%151.54K16:35:00 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+Yr DEIDTL4.412-0.29%137.37K16:25:00 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed SecIMBS4.7600-0.15%135.50K16:29:00 
 iShares Emerging Markets Local Government Bond UCIIEML67.7800+0.21%135.16K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS DistIDBZ37.7100+5.16%126.73K16:34:33 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond AccSDIA5.015-0.05%124.23K15:46:00 
 ETFX FTSE 100 Super Short Strategy 2x GBPSUK2890.85-1.15%122.54K16:29:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Info TechIUIT8.2400+0.15%120.89K16:17:00 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond AccISHYEA4.095-0.09%120.00K9:13:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITSIEUX2,781.00+0.25%118.83K16:35:00 
 Boost Nasdaq 100 3X Short DailyQQQS2.463-0.60%117.96K16:24:00 
 Source Physical SilverSSLV16.192+0.71%117.95K16:29:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS AccIEAM37.87+1.00%117.31K15:54:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA Financials DRXUFN21.622+0.51%115.29K16:24:00 
 iShares UK Dividend UCITSIUKD853.70-0.32%115.22K16:25:00 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITSISIJPA44.30-0.72%114.95K16:12:00 
 ETFS CornCORN0.884-0.34%113.52K16:14:00 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond BBB UKIEBB5.09-0.05%112.48K16:07:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan EUR Hedged UCITSIJPE50.42-0.51%110.96K16:20:00 
 iShares Healthcare Innovation AccHEAL6.746+0.28%108.62K16:24:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe Mid Cap AccISEUMD5.136+0.16%106.97K16:11:00 
 iShares GBP-Linked Gilts UCITSINXG17.55+0.17%96.41K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI Acc Share ClassSUJA423.95+0.09%93.42K13:27:00 
 Boost Silver 3X Leverage Daily3SIL3.178+1.55%93.34K16:01:00 
 iShares S&P 500 UCITS DistIUSA1,957.12+0.33%89.13K16:21:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe Momentum UKIEMO6.263+0.30%88.68K16:21:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Min VolMVEU39.815-0.16%86.68K16:35:00 
 iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIHYU103.22+0.14%82.70K16:19:00 
 iShares $ Short DurationHigh Yield Corporate Bond SDHY93.23-0.01%75.01K16:15:31 
 iShares Core EUR Corp Bond AccIEAA5.00500.00%74.38K9:24:00 
 iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITSIUSEA61.78+0.02%72.64K16:29:00 
 iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITSIWDP1,748.75-0.65%71.23K16:07:00 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd Sustain Screen 0-3ySUSE5.0163-0.15%69.85K15:33:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI Acc Share ClassSUJP5.910-0.80%69.04K9:08:00 
 ETFS All CommoditiesAIGC8.93-0.01%67.83K16:07:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev Europe x UKVERX25.723+0.08%65.18K16:25:00 
 db x-trackers ShortDAX Daily UCITS 1CXSDX1,884.40+0.53%64.09K15:42:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Health CareIUHC6.076-0.39%62.53K15:53:00 
 iShares Sust MSCI EM SRISUSM7.1550-0.19%61.80K9:34:00 
 HSBC S&P 500 UCITSHSPX1,965.12+0.22%61.66K16:07:00 
 db x-trackers JPX-Nikkei 400 DR 4CXDNU16.704+3.46%61.55K12:28:19 
 iShares JPM EM Bond EUR HedgedEMBE98.89+0.09%61.18K16:21:00 
 iShares Core Euro Corporate Bond UCITSIEAC129.620.00%59.78K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS DistIJPU15.3800-0.81%58.35K16:17:00 
 Solutions Ise Cyber Security GoUSPY13.030+0.58%57.97K16:20:00 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSCSPX263.84+0.05%55.50K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI World Value Factor UCITSIWVL32.480-0.61%54.96K16:11:00 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITSIFFF4,416.00+1.74%53.03K16:35:00 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond Acc Share ClassIHYA5.130+0.10%51.75K16:22:00 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 UCITSSTOXXI.37.37+0.21%50.57K15:26:59 
 iShares S&P Gold Producers UCITSIAUP9.2613-0.30%50.11K14:37:00 
 iShares MSCI EMU USD HdgEMUU5.796-0.43%49.25K16:21:00 
 iShares USD Short Duration Corp Bond UCITSSDIG99.82-0.06%48.23K16:35:00 
 ETFS 5x Short USD Long GBP ETCPUS51,453.0-1.91%45.62K16:35:00 
 UBS MSCI USA ETF hedged A-accUB0A1,149.6-0.29%45.09K15:31:53 
 iShares MSCI Europe Ex UK GBPEUXS500.59-0.02%44.68K16:10:46 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSEMIM2,266.8+1.49%43.79K16:27:00 
 ROBO-STOX Global Robotics and Automation GO UCITSROBE13.66+0.35%41.98K15:01:00 
 ETFS Gold Bullion SecuritiesGBSx125.52-0.09%41.25K16:09:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed EuropeVEUR26.535+0.17%40.92K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS DistIMEU2,091.00+0.14%40.63K16:08:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan USDVDJP32.53-0.53%40.56K15:35:00 
 ETFS Leveraged Coffee ETCLCFE1.521-2.41%39.36K16:07:00 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITSSJPA3,178.00-0.33%39.11K16:24:00 
 ETFS Leveraged Silver ETCLSIL6.17+1.00%38.14K15:20:00 
 ETFS CoffeeCOFF1.071-1.20%37.65K15:50:00 
 iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITSIWMO39.605+0.13%37.46K16:20:00 
 iShares USD Floating Rate Bond Hedged DisFLOS502.243-0.01%36.46K13:08:56 
 Source NASDAQ BiotechSBIO35.16-0.64%36.09K16:29:00 
 iShares Ageing Population AccAGED6.266+0.02%36.07K16:21:00 
 iShares MSCI World UCITS DistIDWR45.43-0.15%35.56K16:19:00 
 SSgA SPDR S&P Euro Dividend AristocratsEUDV19.87-0.21%35.15K15:57:00 
 Uk Gilt UCITSVGOV22.41+0.26%34.98K16:28:00 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITSSWDA3,949.00+0.43%34.56K16:27:00 
 iShares $ Tips UCITSITPS144.00+0.57%32.46K16:25:00 
 iShares Physical GoldIGLN26.11-0.21%32.32K16:28:00 
 iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITSERNE100.44+0.06%31.70K16:35:00 
 Source Financials S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLFS202.01+0.48%31.18K16:22:00 
 db x-trackers ShortDAX x2 Daily UCITS 1CXSD2337.25+0.72%31.16K15:47:00 
 ETFS Physical SilverPHAG15.77+0.80%31.01K16:27:00 
 iShares Digitalisation AccDGTL6.469+0.29%30.99K16:20:00 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSISACI49.13+0.09%30.79K16:20:00 
 ETFS CottonCOTNC2.510-0.38%30.62K15:31:00 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSCSP118,924+0.36%29.54K16:25:00 
 iShares UK Gilts 0-5Yr UCITSIGLS131.91+0.02%29.32K16:35:00 
 UBS MSCI EMU A-disUB0F1,015.60-0.20%28.73K15:09:00 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS DistEUE3,068.00-0.31%28.17K16:01:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Min VolMVOL43.34-0.13%27.81K16:25:00 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSIS15105.94+0.07%27.53K16:35:00 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSIE15110.41+0.03%27.31K16:35:00 
 SSgA SPDR S&P 400 US Mid CapSPY454.60+0.33%27.27K16:20:00 
 iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSHYLD99.86-0.34%27.03K16:27:00 
 iShares S&P Gold Producers UCITSSPGPG664.38+0.41%26.99K15:30:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 Short Daily UCITSXUKS412.46-0.80%26.83K15:58:06 
 ETFS 3x Daily Long FTSE 100UK3L1,427.00+1.34%26.81K16:24:00 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 UCITSCSX5104.07-0.49%26.29K16:20:00 
 iShares Automation & Robotics AccRBTX575.05+1.73%26.11K16:16:51 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia PacifVAPX19.747+0.92%26.05K16:23:00 
 iShares Edge S&P 500 Min VolISSPMV50.515+0.10%26.04K16:28:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Philippines IM UCITS 1C DRXPHI2.043-0.46%25.26K14:18:00 
 ETFS 3x Daily Short FTSE 100UK3S305.50-1.29%24.16K16:15:00 
 iShares Edge S&P 500 Min VolISMVUS3,624.00+0.11%23.72K13:47:00 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITSIDFF61.4850+1.19%23.70K15:44:00 
 iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITSIDWP24.38-0.95%23.68K16:26:00 
 HSBC MSCI China UCITSHMCH694.38+2.44%23.51K15:48:00 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITSSTOXX5.34.09-0.67%23.10K12:40:05 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS USD IncVDEM65.91+1.24%22.99K16:35:00 
 ETFS AluminiumALMN3.406+0.06%22.70K16:14:00 
 iShares Sust MSCI Japan SRI EUR HdgSUSJ6.2012-0.32%22.07K14:10:00 
 SPDR FTSE UK All ShareFTAL48.37-0.05%22.03K16:07:00 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 2x Leveraged Daily UCITS 1CXS2D67.87-0.28%22.00K16:16:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE All-Share UCITS DRXASX416.50+0.21%21.92K15:01:00 
 ETFS WheatWEAT0.6275-0.95%21.67K15:49:00 
 ETFS Industrial MetalsAIGI13.51+0.22%21.64K16:29:00 
 ETFS CocoaCOCO2.375+0.64%20.64K16:02:00 
 iShares $ Tips UCITSIDTP200.69-0.11%19.71K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI World UCITS DistIWRD3,259.00+0.15%19.14K15:51:00 
 iShares MSCI Target US Real EstateUSRE23.190-1.14%18.80K15:26:00 
 JPMorgan ETFs Ireland ICAV - Equity Long-Short UCIJLES1,730.2+0.57%18.36K16:20:00 
 SPDR Barclays 0-3 Year Euro Corp Bond UCITSSEUC30.29-0.05%17.74K13:42:00 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 USD Hedged AccISFD4.927+0.41%17.54K16:09:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Min VolISMINV3,109.50+0.29%17.25K16:25:00 
 db x-trackers II Global Sovereign GBP UCITSXGSG2,640.50+0.42%16.69K16:21:00 
 iShares FTSEurofirst 100 UCITSIEUT2,391.00-0.16%16.60K11:50:00 
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDIASH334.05+1.51%16.43K16:19:00 
 iShares TA-25 IsraelTASE5.7912+0.46%16.16K16:22:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-5Yr UCITSIEGX169.69-0.05%16.12K15:46:00 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD IncVWRL62.19+0.55%16.11K16:27:00 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div YldVHYL41.99+0.10%15.98K16:13:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America UCITS DLTM20.49+0.77%15.50K16:27:00 
 DB Physical GoldXGLD129.91-0.22%15.35K16:28:00 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ Emerging Markets Bond UCITSSEMB7,944+0.30%15.33K15:24:00 
 iShares Core GBP Corporate Bond UCITSSLXX143.35+0.16%15.14K16:35:00 
 ETFS ZincZINC10.23-0.85%15.11K16:21:00 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD IncVWRD86.70+0.18%14.33K16:02:00 
 iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSSHYU74.0500+0.28%14.28K16:26:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe Value FactorIEVL5.878-0.15%14.04K15:24:00 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond UCITSIUAG102.07+0.25%14.01K16:20:00 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed Securities AccIMBA4.964+0.17%14.00K15:49:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Info Tech DR 1CXDWT27.000+0.24%13.97K16:06:00 
 iShares MSCI World Quality Factor UCITSIWQU34.410+0.16%13.84K16:09:00 
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDCNYA4.656+1.16%13.82K16:11:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS DistIJPN1,101.00-0.18%13.73K16:22:16 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Interest Rate Hedged UIRCP98.38-0.01%13.72K16:07:00 
 iShares Physical GoldSGLN1,872.50-0.32%13.56K15:32:12 
 Source Physical Gold P CertsSGLD129.54-0.16%13.47K15:56:00 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 UCITSPSRFG1,351.75+0.41%13.35K15:54:00 
 Vanguard FTSE 250VMID3,156.00-0.01%13.29K16:24:02 
 SSgA SPDR Barclays Emerging Markets Local Bond UCIEMDD76.84+0.23%13.20K16:35:00 
 ETFS Lev WTI Crude OilLOIL51.1300-1.14%12.96K14:24:00 
 iShares Dow Jones Europe Sustainability ScreenedIESG3,5220.00%12.79K14:20:00 
 ETFS Physical GoldPHAU127.45-0.17%12.74K16:26:33 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI ACWIACWD130.47-0.07%12.72K15:04:00 
 UBS MSCI EMU UCITS hedged A-accUB0E1,018.70-0.33%12.70K15:51:00 
 iShares MSCI Target UK Real EstateUKRE477.05+0.07%12.68K16:22:00 
 iShares MSCI Target US Real EstateUSPR1,663.25-0.55%12.52K14:27:00 
 PIMCO US Dollar Short Maturity Source UCITSMINT101.48-0.01%12.45K16:28:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS AccSEMA2,717.50+1.33%12.35K14:54:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU UCITS USDXD5D40.69-0.08%11.89K16:11:00 
 db x-trackers Nikkei 225 UCITS DRXDJP1,510.2-0.02%11.66K15:57:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America UCITS LTAM1,471.50+1.31%11.65K16:35:00 
 Lyxor UCITS S&P 500 D-USDLSPU27.92-0.03%11.58K16:20:00 
 iShares MSCI EMU Large Cap UCITSEMUL35.34-0.27%11.31K15:01:00 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS DistAGGG5.048-0.15%11.17K16:22:00 
 ETFS NickelNICK13.47-0.71%11.14K12:03:00 
 Source Russell 2000 UCITSRTYS73.33+0.60%11.05K16:21:00 
 iShares Core DAX UCITSGDAXIEX107.00-0.63%11.04K15:18:32 
 db x-trackers MSCI India UCITS 1CXCX5869.38+0.41%11.03K16:21:00 
 iShares Global Corp Bnd EUR HdgCRPH103.67+0.07%10.90K16:20:00 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10Yr UCITSIDTM188.31+0.10%10.68K16:35:00 
 HSBC MSCI Russia CappedHRUD11.473+2.16%10.66K16:12:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS AccIMAE48.63+0.22%10.63K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers SP 500 UCITS UKXDPGD4,589.45+0.14%10.58K16:16:21 
 HSBC MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSHMEF880.38+1.11%10.48K16:01:00 
 ETFS AgricultureAIGA4.79-0.27%10.33K16:00:00 
 iShares $ TIPS 0-5 Dist Share ClassTP05354.10+0.23%10.22K5:00:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Canada UCITS 1CXCAD51.68+0.53%10.06K16:35:00 
 iShares Asia Property Yield UCITSIDAR27.5500-0.15%10.00K9:34:00 
 iShares GBP Ultrashort Bond GBPERNS100.36+0.03%9.83K16:26:00 
 DB Physical Gold GBP HedgedXGLS771.75-0.14%9.82K15:59:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan USDVJPN2,333.800-0.02%9.64K16:27:52 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHE92.05-0.21%9.53K14:49:00 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div YldVHYD58.53+0.10%9.36K15:44:00 
 PowerShares EQQQ Nasdaq-100 UCITSEQQQ12,037.00+0.40%9.33K15:49:00 
 ROBO-STOX Global Robotics and Automation GO UCITSROBO16.81+1.10%9.27K16:05:32 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBTS93.93+0.39%9.23K16:25:00 
 db x-trackers STOXX Global Select Dividend 100 UCIXGSD2,517.00+0.37%9.04K16:15:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIEGS144.45+0.03%8.63K16:13:00 
 ETFS Leveraged Sugar ETCLSUG3.25-1.74%8.61K13:19:00 
 iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITSIDAP30.2900+0.32%8.59K15:35:00 
 Ether Tracker One XBTO2XV65.3556-12.10%8.56K16:24:29 
 iShares Italy Government Bond UCITSIITB157.01+0.14%8.37K16:21:00 
 Vanguard Global Value FactorVDVA35.27+0.18%8.36K15:09:25 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia PacifVDPX27.525+0.62%8.32K16:25:00 
 iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIGHY71.64+0.15%8.32K16:25:00 
 db x-trackers Russell 2000 UCITS GBXRSU213.71+0.53%8.31K16:29:00 
 iShares S&P 500 GBP Hedged UCITSIGUS6,337.50-0.11%8.21K15:07:08 
 SSgA SPDR S&P US Dividend AristocratsUSDV36.85+0.16%8.05K16:11:00 
 VanEck Junior Gold MinersGDXJ26.81+0.69%7.93K16:15:00 
 Source KBW NASDAQ Fintech UCITSSOFTEK26.665+0.32%7.88K16:21:00 
 iShares MSCI Turkey UCITSIDTK28.4600+3.12%7.69K16:25:00 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7Yr UCITS AccCBU7121.55+0.12%7.59K15:22:00 
 iShares Global Government Bond UCITSIGLO108.84-0.05%7.54K15:58:00 
 db x-trackers Russell MidcapXRMU23.07-0.61%7.50K10:40:00 
 Source Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UCMLPD57.20-1.13%7.50K16:11:00 
 iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan UCITS DistIPXJ46.81+0.47%7.25K16:35:00 
 HSBC FTSE 100 UCITSHUKX7,248.00+0.51%7.24K16:03:00 
 ETFX Longer Dated All Commodities GO UCITSCOMF14.75-0.12%7.17K15:33:00 
 iShares MSCI USA Dividend IQQDIV33.6450-0.12%7.13K16:21:00 
 db x-trackers II Global Inflation-Linked 2CXG7U24.14+0.19%7.10K16:21:00 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Bond AccJPEA5.141+0.12%7.05K12:43:00 
 iShares EURO Total Market Value Large UCITSIDJV2,002.00-0.42%6.97K15:31:26 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS DistIDKO49.8300+0.61%6.95K16:26:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU DR 2CXD5S2,055.2-0.02%6.88K15:52:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Russia Capped UCITS 1CXMRC2,136.50+2.35%6.66K16:12:00 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHY101.19-0.13%6.66K16:15:00 
 iShares Spain Government Bond UCITSIESP162.14+0.16%6.56K16:07:00 
 ETFS EnergyAIGE3.770+0.24%6.48K15:57:00 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSCNDX379.68+1.47%6.48K16:22:28 
 iShares Core MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITSCPXJ148.59+0.36%6.20K16:21:00 
 iShares MSCI World EUR Hedged UCITSIWDE50.87+0.14%6.18K15:53:00 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIDBT130.92+0.01%6.16K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI World GBP Hedged UCITSIGWD5,234.96-0.32%6.13K13:09:40 
 VanEck Vectors Gold Miners UKGDX23.20+0.18%6.13K16:15:00 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 (DR) 1CXESC4,204.00-0.04%6.12K16:35:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS USD IncVFEM4,715.00+1.52%6.10K16:22:16 
 iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITSERN188.630+0.25%6.09K12:41:00 
 ETFS SoftsAIGS3.731-0.77%6.00K9:25:00 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond Hedged AccAGGH4.919+0.24%5.97K14:26:00 
 iShares S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSIDP662.9300+0.38%5.85K15:47:00 
 UBS MSCI Japan A-disUB0D1,193.83+0.30%5.81K16:02:03 
 Source Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UCMLPS79.26-0.95%5.81K15:13:00 
 iShares Core MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITSCPJ110,668.00+1.06%5.79K16:35:00 
 iShares MSCI Australia UCITSIAUS35.56+0.03%5.75K16:22:00 
 ETFS Brent Oil 1 Month USDOILB27.81+0.25%5.72K14:49:00 
 db x-trackers CSI300 UCITS 1CXCHA12.59+0.78%5.68K14:35:00 
 iShares EURO Total Market Growth Large UCITSIDJG3,132.00-0.06%5.65K15:01:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 20yrE20Y4.9320+0.39%5.60K16:14:00 
 Boost WTI Oil 3X Short Daily3OIS38.70+0.47%5.52K16:24:00 
 ETFX Russell 2000 US Small CAP GO UCITSRTWO64.20+0.69%5.51K16:29:00 
 iShares EURO STOXX Mid UCITSDJMC5,338.00+0.12%5.49K16:21:00 
 iShares MSCI EM Minimum VolatilityISEMMV30.855+0.47%5.49K12:16:00 
 Lyxor UCITS Commodities Thomson Reuters/CorecommodCRBL1,285.00+0.04%5.43K16:13:00 
 First Trust US Equity Income Class AUINC1,789.8+0.31%5.37K16:21:00 
 iShares Global Infrastructure UCITSINFR1,804.83+0.08%5.34K16:19:35 
 db x-trackers S&P/ASX 200 UCITS DR 1CXAUS2,937.50+0.17%5.30K11:57:00 
 iShares MSCI World Value Factor UCITSIWFV2,326.5-0.06%5.28K16:35:00 
 iShares $ Short DurationHigh Yield Corporate Bond SDHG66.86+0.62%5.28K12:40:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Value FactorIUVL6.700-0.95%5.12K9:27:00 
 ETFS Physical Swiss GoldSGBS128.84-0.26%5.10K12:55:00 
 ETFS Physical SilverPHSP1,131.96+0.70%5.07K16:25:41 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Large Cap UCITSIBCX135.04+0.02%5.06K15:43:00 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITSIDPE20.9850+0.61%4.98K16:12:00 
 PowerShares SP 500 High Dividend FRHDLV30.765-0.36%4.89K16:21:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD FinancialsUIFS540.52+0.89%4.89K15:32:41 
 SPDR Barclays Capital 1-5 Year GiltGLTS50.67+0.04%4.81K16:27:00 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond GBP HedgedGHYS100.56+0.02%4.80K16:25:00 
 iShares Healthcare Innovation AccDRDR481.70+0.58%4.80K15:16:45 
 ETFS Physical GoldPHGP9,141.95+0.02%4.69K16:27:17 
 iShares Global Water UCITSIH2O2,887.00+0.42%4.66K16:19:00 
 WisdomTree Europe EquityHEDF16.750+0.09%4.65K13:33:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 Equal Weight DR 1DXFEW1,228.3+0.65%4.65K15:47:00 
 iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITSIAPD2,172.50+0.50%4.65K16:07:00 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond Hedged DistAGPH4.926+0.12%4.60K16:26:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Info TechIITU591.12+0.36%4.55K16:17:00 
 Source Technology S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLKS162.88+0.06%4.55K16:23:00 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp hedged GBPUC851,632.2+0.23%4.47K15:15:00 
 db x-trackers II iBoxx Global Inflation-Linked UCIXGIG2,468.50-0.16%4.46K15:38:26 
 iShares S&P 500 Consumer Staples Sector AccIUCS5.009-0.37%4.46K14:34:00 
 iShares FTSE 100 UCITS AccCUKX10,976.00+0.42%4.45K15:52:00 
 ETFS Soybean OilSOYO3.780+1.91%4.42K15:58:00 
 iShares Global Clean Energy UCITSINRG397.70+1.08%4.35K16:21:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Wd Health CareXDWH30.57-0.57%4.34K16:24:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Brazil UCITS DR 1CXMBR3,806.00+0.72%4.32K16:12:00 
 iShares OMX Stockholm CappedOMXS387.55+0.35%4.29K15:50:00 
 ETFS Short GBP Long USDUSD23,722.0+0.68%4.28K16:24:00 
 HSBC MSCI Korea UCITSHKOR3,936.00+1.09%4.23K15:49:00 
 Wisdomtree Europe Equity UKHEDJ17.38-0.01%4.12K16:09:00 
 SPDR MSCI EM Asia UCITSEASD71.83+1.27%4.06K16:21:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSXMEM3,627.50+1.19%4.05K16:01:00 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITSIPRV1,506.00+1.01%4.01K16:14:17 
 DB Physical PalladiumXPAL99.62-0.98%4.01K14:13:00 
 Vanguard Global Value FactorVVAL2,525.400+0.26%4.01K16:11:36 
 ETFS AgricultureAGAP343.507+0.33%4.00K13:42:05 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed EuropeVEUD37.03-0.13%4.00K16:21:00 
 HSBC FTSE 250 UCITSHMCX1,894.69-0.04%3.94K16:12:14 
 SSgA SPDR Barclays Cap Sterling Corporate BondUKCO59.63+0.34%3.84K15:23:00 
 ETFS 3x Long JPY Short USDLJP313.710-0.40%3.82K12:10:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Indonesia UCITS 1CXMID1,231.25-1.11%3.79K9:00:00 
 iShares S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSISP64,515.00+0.90%3.78K16:26:19 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA Energy DRXUEN35.210-1.45%3.77K9:04:00 
 db x-trackers DAX DR Income 1DXDDX9,700.5-0.33%3.68K16:20:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 UCITS DR IncomeXUKX771.65+0.46%3.65K16:04:00 
 ETFX FTSE 100 Leveraged 2XLUK229,143.75+1.39%3.64K16:29:38 
 Source JPX-Nikkei 400 UCITS USDN4US16.75-0.01%3.61K15:46:00 
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOD17.934-0.02%3.61K16:20:00 
 Lyxor UCITS FTSE All ShareLFAS525.00+0.04%3.60K15:51:00 
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOP1,286.0-0.04%3.59K14:40:20 
 HSBC FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed UCITSHPROP1,586.75-0.53%3.56K15:10:00 
 iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond UCIGIL158.67-0.28%3.55K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 Equal Weight DR 1CXDEW50.45+0.08%3.47K15:49:00 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 Inverse Daily UCITS 1CXSPS1,078.00+0.44%3.46K16:12:00 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10Yr UCITSISTB135.07+0.46%3.40K16:24:00 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 UCITSCS519,186.50-0.21%3.29K16:21:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Pacific Ex Japan UCITS 1C DRXPXJ4,405.50+0.45%3.28K11:33:00 
 HSBC MSCI EUROPE UCITSHMEU1,145.90+0.15%3.25K16:20:00 
 SG FTSE 100 X5 Daily Long5UKL9,775.00+2.23%3.23K16:08:18 
 iShares S&P Commodity Producers Oil and Gas UCITSSPOGO1,259.5-0.32%3.17K15:29:00 
 iShares MSCI North America UCITSIDNA51.5000+0.13%3.15K16:35:00 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 UCITSPSPRUS18.843-1.03%3.12K10:45:00 
 Source LGIM Commodity CompositeLGCF48.100+0.52%3.00K16:35:00 
 CSOP Source FTSE China A50 UCITSCHNA24.22+0.71%3.00K14:52:00 
 Source FTSE 250 UCITSS25014,041.0-0.09%3.00K16:28:00 
 Source Physical Palladium PSPAL100.34-1.25%3.00K13:35:00 
 db x-trackers II Sterling Cash UCITSXSTR18,357.00-0.01%2.97K15:51:00 
 Vanguard Global Liquidity FactorVLIQ24.392+0.57%2.96K16:13:00 
 Solutions Ise Cyber Security GoISPY929.04+0.60%2.94K15:52:17 
 Vanguard USD Corp BdVDCP51.82-0.54%2.94K8:07:00 
 ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical GoldGBSP793.67-0.75%2.86K15:59:32 
 db x-trackers MSCI Philippines IM UCITS 1C DRXPHG146.55-0.51%2.79K15:54:00 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS DistIKOR3,576.50+1.11%2.79K14:05:00 
 iShares Emerging Markets Dividend UCITSSEDY1,734.8+0.96%2.78K16:19:00 
 iShares EURO STOXX Small UCITSDJSC3,133.50-0.30%2.76K15:48:00 
 Vanguard Euro STOXX 50VX5E21.017-0.24%2.72K15:08:00 
 ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Industrial MetalsPIMT735.95-1.18%2.72K8:51:39 
 iShares EURO Dividend UCITSIDVY1,994.48+0.29%2.62K15:56:08 
 iShares S&P 500 Industrials Sector AccIUIS5.838-0.04%2.58K5:00:00 
 Source MSCI World UCITSMXWO58.78-0.73%2.57K8:05:00 
 ETFS Short LeadSLEA19.54+0.32%2.56K10:43:00 
 iShares MSCI Canada UCITSCCAU126.53+0.64%2.54K16:35:00 
 iShares Agribusiness UCITSISAG34.72+0.45%2.53K16:21:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE Vietnam UCITS 1CXFVT2,611.00-1.63%2.50K15:56:00 
 SPDR S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats UCITSASDV47.96-0.16%2.50K10:11:00 
 iShares S&P 500 Consumer Staples Sector AccICSU359.30-0.25%2.50K5:00:00 
 Lyxor UCITSo CashCSHD130.26-0.13%2.50K12:14:00 
 HSBC MSCI World UCITSHMWO1,522.25+0.12%2.50K15:44:00 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS DistIBZL2,718.03+1.48%2.46K15:29:53 
 Vanguard EUR Corporate BondVECP46.03+0.12%2.42K16:26:00 
 ETFS Commodity Securities Brent CrudeBRNT27.02+0.17%2.40K16:17:00 
 ETFS DAX Daily 2x Short GO UCITSDS2P419.7-1.47%2.38K14:49:14 
 Vanguard Global Momentum FactorVMOM23.990+0.62%2.38K16:16:00 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSSPXS483.01+0.13%2.36K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers JPX-Nikkei 400XDNG1,571.25-0.59%2.34K14:18:00 
 WisdomTree EM Equity IncomeWTDEM1,240.62+1.08%2.32K16:14:00 
 Boost FTSE 100 3x Leverage Daily3UKL20,751.4+1.99%2.26K16:28:18 
 ETFS Battery Value Chain GO UCITSBATG679.70-0.46%2.26K8:19:00 
 ETFS GrainsGRNS3.470-0.78%2.25K8:32:00 
 Bitcoin Tracker EUR XBT ProviderO2XI424.180-9.91%2.24K16:23:28 
 iShares MSCI South Africa UCITSIRSA41.8000+2.88%2.23K15:01:00 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity UKDXJ17.07-0.34%2.22K16:21:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Consumer Discretionary 1CXDWC32.370-0.09%2.19K16:21:00 
 iShares Emerging Markets Local Government Bond UCISEML48.56+0.41%2.18K16:29:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan GBP Hedged UCITSIJPH59.54-0.16%2.18K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers Russell 2000 UCITS GBXRSG15,273.80+0.38%2.17K16:15:43 
 Boost FTSE 250 1X Short Daily1MCS5,334.0+0.03%2.14K15:46:00 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI UK 100 UCITSPSRU1,129.50+0.44%2.10K15:09:00 
 WisdomTree India Earnings IncEPIQ1,351.5+0.73%2.09K16:15:00 
 iShares MSCI EM IslamicISDE19.59+0.90%2.07K16:21:00 
 SPDR S&P UK Dividend AristocratsUKDV1,167.00-0.00%2.04K16:03:55 
 db x-trackers MSCI Europe Small Cap UCITS DR 1CXXSC3,850.05+0.07%1.91K16:11:58 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 UCITS DR 1CXSX66,884.90+0.26%1.88K16:20:14 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCU317,561.50+0.40%1.85K16:25:00 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITSIDFX142.56+2.18%1.81K14:18:00 
 iShares European Property Yield UCITSIPRP3,455.68+0.20%1.81K15:02:12 
 Vanguard FTSE North AmericaVNRT48.62+0.09%1.79K15:05:00 
 iShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure UCITSIEMI1,699.59+0.46%1.79K9:52:48 
 iShares Edge MSCI World MF GBpFSWD500.0+0.25%1.74K12:22:42 
 iShares Global Infrastructure UCITSIDIN25.212+0.15%1.72K14:55:00 
 UBS MSCI Japan UCITS hedged A-accUB0C1,199.00-0.17%1.69K15:59:00 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan Small Cap UCITSISFE2,349.50+0.66%1.68K15:11:00 
 ETFS Leveraged Platinum ETCLPLA4.40-3.69%1.68K11:13:56 
 iShares STOXX Europe 50 UCITSEUN2,735.75+0.20%1.65K16:25:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Bangladesh IM UCITS 1CXBAN1.14-0.74%1.63K12:23:00 
 SPDR S&P 500 UCITSSPX5196.76+0.19%1.62K15:59:00 
 iShares FTSE MIB UCITS DistIMIB1,201.18+0.21%1.56K15:56:10 
 iShares Global Corporate Bond UCITSCORP99.2400-0.14%1.54K16:35:00 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI All-World 3000 UCITSPSRW1,493.75+0.29%1.54K15:51:00 
 First Trust EM AlphaDEX Class AFEM2,426.8+0.85%1.52K16:02:00 
 Lyxor UCITS Iboxx GBP GiltsGILS13,634.00+0.21%1.49K16:28:00 
 Lyxor UCITS Euro Stoxx 50 Dailly USMSEU128.28-0.42%1.47K14:01:00 
 PIMCO Emerging Markets Advantage Local Bond SourceEMLB105.67-0.21%1.44K16:19:00 
 db x-trackers DBLCI - OY Balanced UCITS 3CXDBG2,453.00+0.08%1.42K15:25:00 
 iShares MSCI Canada UCITSCSCA9,070.00+0.26%1.41K13:43:00 
 iShares US Property Yield UCITSIUSP1,810.90-0.97%1.40K16:27:03 
 db x-trackers US Dollar CashXUSD172.84+0.06%1.39K16:26:00 
 WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Div UCITSWTDGSE1,433.38+1.04%1.39K15:45:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS DistIEEM3,379.00+1.36%1.37K16:29:19 
 ETFX DAX Daily 2x Long GO UCITSDEL2302.85-0.23%1.35K16:02:00 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity HedgedDXJP1,146.4-0.38%1.33K15:02:54 
 SPDR Barclays 0-3 Year US Corporate Bond UCITSSUSC49.66+0.05%1.32K9:14:00 
 iShares MSCI EMU UCITSCEU0112.25-0.51%1.31K12:16:00 
 Source Physical Platinum PSPPT97.09-0.86%1.30K12:08:00 
 SG Gold X5 Daily Short5GOS3,364.00-6.14%1.29K14:49:20 
 db x-trackers MSCI China UCITS DR 1CXCX61,493.00+2.51%1.29K16:16:00 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond ex-Financials 1-5Yr UCIEX5109.92-0.01%1.29K13:45:00 
 First Trust US Large Cap Core AlphaDEX Class AFEX3,300.0+0.78%1.27K16:15:00 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond ex-Financials UCITSISXF12,479.00-0.14%1.27K16:04:14 
 iShares Asia Property Yield UCITSIASP1,971.99+0.86%1.27K13:31:34 
 PowerShares Preferred Shares UCITSPRFD19.395-0.05%1.25K12:15:00 
 Vanguard USD Treasury BdVDTY23.78+0.10%1.24K10:45:00 
 Bitcoin Tracker One XBTO2XU3,695.5701-10.20%1.23K16:14:46 
 Lyxor Russia (Dow Jones Russia GDR) D-GBPRUSL1,843.75+2.39%1.23K16:19:00 
 iShares USD Short Duration Corp Bond UCITSIGSD71.59+0.15%1.22K15:14:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev WorldVEVE45.32+0.23%1.20K16:05:00 
 ETFS 3x Long EUR Short GBPEUP33,466.50+0.65%1.20K10:03:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA UCITS 1CXMUS5,225.50-0.05%1.17K13:14:00 
 Vanguard Global Min VolatilityVMVL22.480+0.16%1.17K15:17:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 DR 1CXDUK863.61+0.62%1.16K16:22:09 
 iShares MSCI Turkey UCITSITKY2,041.50+3.49%1.15K16:24:00 
 DB Physical SilverXSIL160.70+0.67%1.11K16:00:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD EnergyISIUES5.2602-0.64%1.10K16:25:57 
 iShares Global Timber & Forestry UCITSWOODT2,015.03+0.03%1.09K16:19:35 
 Source Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLUS290.21+0.66%1.08K16:20:00 
 db x-trackers DBLCI - OY Balanced UCITS 2CXBCU24.68+0.16%1.07K16:35:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE All-World ex UKXDEX5,215.00+0.21%1.06K15:50:00 
 iShares MSCI USA Small Cap UCITSCUS122,734.57+0.13%1.04K15:02:25 
 iShares MSCI UK Small Cap UCITSCUKS20,814.55-0.43%1.03K14:40:14 
 iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond UCEGIL128.99+0.10%1.02K15:50:00 
 ETFS Physical PlatinumPHPT94.56-0.06%1.02K15:28:00 
 iShares Dow Jones Industrial Average UCITSCIND271.21-0.34%1.02K16:12:00 
 iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITSISDW32.65-0.67%1.01K13:33:00 
 Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape US Sector Value Tr 1CUCAP645.97-0.10%1.01K16:18:00 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 UCITS 1CXSPX3,498.00+0.13%1.00K16:13:00 
 Amundi MSCI EMU UCITSCMU17,549.00-0.19%1.00K11:15:00 
 ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Brent Crude OilPBRT361.41-0.53%1.00K9:36:22 
 ETFS Leveraged Cocoa ETCLCOC7.39+1.62%0.98K16:02:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Japan DR 6CXMJG2,326.0-0.53%0.97K16:12:00 
 WisdomTree India Quality AccEPIE18.837+0.55%0.95K5:00:00 
 iShares MSCI South Africa UCITSSRSA2,992.2+2.52%0.94K13:49:54 
 db x-trackers MSCI Korea UCITS DRXKS25,710.50+0.82%0.92K16:19:00 
 ETFS Short SugarSSUG30.56+0.90%0.90K9:53:00 
 Source STOXX Europe 600 Optimised Banks UCITSX7PS77.21+0.38%0.90K16:21:00 
 ETFS SugarSUGA8.30-0.28%0.90K15:59:00 
 SPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats UCITSGBDV24.75+0.18%0.89K15:17:00 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHS10.318-0.21%0.87K15:44:00 
 Boost Palladium 1X Short Daily1PAS46.10+1.26%0.86K12:56:00 
 iShares Bric 50 UCITSBRIC2,508.00+2.33%0.85K13:21:00 
 iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSSHYG94.27+0.14%0.84K15:36:00 
 ETFS 3x Short AUD Long USDSAU332.58+2.21%0.83K12:56:00 
 db x-trackers II iBoxx $ Treasuries Inflation-LinkXUIT280.74+0.16%0.83K15:21:00 
 Boost Shortdax 3X Daily ETC3DES6.882-2.62%0.82K15:55:43 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity HedgedHEDP1,111.5-0.03%0.82K16:21:00 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp UKSTYC113.50-0.03%0.81K16:21:00 
 WisdomTree Germany Equity UCITSDXGP1,069.90-0.21%0.81K15:48:00 
 db x-trackers JPX-Nikkei 400 USDXDNY15.10-0.56%0.80K15:17:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap UCITS DistIDJP44.51-0.53%0.80K8:33:00 
 db x-trackers FTSE 250 UCITS DRXMCX2,027.25-0.03%0.78K16:15:00 
 ETFS Leveraged Gold ETCLBUL42.98-0.32%0.77K16:02:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU UCITS DRXD5E3,545.3+0.43%0.77K15:32:23 
 WisdomTree Emerging Asia Equity IncomeDEMA12.248+1.03%0.76K14:16:00 
 ETFS Lev Natural GasLNGA22.5150+1.28%0.75K16:29:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Consumer Staples DR 1CXDWS32.975-0.51%0.75K15:59:00 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond ex-Financials UCITSIEXF116.44+0.03%0.74K16:13:00 
 iShares S&P Commodity Producers Oil and Gas UCITSIOGP17.5600-0.88%0.73K10:48:00 
 ETFS SoybeansSOYB21.85+0.37%0.72K16:01:00 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI UK IMI Socially Resp A-disUKSR1,552.7+0.69%0.72K15:53:00 
 HSBC MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITSHMXJ1,019.00+0.94%0.71K16:21:00 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ Emerging Markets Bond UCITSEEMB90.00+0.14%0.67K15:02:00 
 ETFS US Energy Infrastructure MLP GOMLPI5.902-1.93%0.67K10:50:00 
 Lyxor UCITS JPX-Nikkei 400 Daily GBJPXX12,379.32-0.08%0.67K15:31:51 
 ETFS PetroleumAIGO12.51+0.18%0.66K16:00:00 
 iShares FTSE MIB UCITS AccCMIB82.23-0.44%0.66K8:04:00 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Banks UCITSXS7R3,840.25+0.68%0.58K15:41:00 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Health CareIHCU435.85-0.48%0.58K14:12:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Min VolIMV3,514-0.32%0.57K16:15:55 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev WorldVDEV63.12-0.54%0.56K15:32:04 
 iShares MSCI Taiwan UCITSITWN3,366.00+0.22%0.56K16:02:00 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 UCITS DR 1DXESX3,204.82-0.03%0.54K14:32:12 
 Health Care S&P US Sector SourceXLVS374.20-0.86%0.54K13:52:00 
 iShares Emerging Markets Dividend UCITSIEDY24.16+0.67%0.54K15:43:00 
 Boost FTSE 100 3x Short Daily3UKS1,638.25-1.29%0.53K15:52:00 
 iShares MSCI Russia Adr/Gdr UCITSCRU18,288.24+2.08%0.51K14:40:18 
 iShares Global Government Bond UCITSSGLO78.0850+0.30%0.50K16:26:00 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 1-3Y DRUS1399.69-0.03%0.50K15:26:00 
 BMO Barclays Global High Yield Bond Hedged DistribZHYG102.55+0.15%0.50K15:23:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 7-10Yr UCITSIEGM207.80-0.19%0.50K10:02:52 
 Lyxor US TIPS DR Monthly Hedged D-GBPTIPH9,872.00-0.09%0.49K16:06:05 
 SPDR Euro Stoxx Low Volatility UCITSELOW37.333-0.56%0.49K15:00:00 
 ETFS Short GBP Long USDSGBP51.93-0.72%0.48K10:43:06 
 Amundi MSCI Germany UCITSCG120,307.50-0.36%0.46K15:08:00 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Oil & Gas UCITSXSER6,645.5-0.10%0.45K14:53:00 
 Source Energy S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLES352.42-1.12%0.45K12:09:00 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI USA Value UCITS USD A-disUC075,402.0+0.41%0.44K15:16:00 
 iShares MSCI Eastern Europe Capped UCITSIDEE26.1050+1.26%0.44K15:33:40 
 iShares MSCI World Size Factor UCITSIWSZ34.520-0.49%0.43K14:06:00 
 Source STOXX Eurozone Exporters USD HedgedEZXU16.121-0.89%0.42K10:10:00 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITSISFU10.076-0.60%0.42K9:14:00 
 iShares Global Corporate Bond UCITSCRPS71.14+0.20%0.42K15:22:00 
 HSBC MSCI Japan UCITSHMJP2,526.00-0.35%0.41K16:21:00 
 ETFS Physical PalladiumPHPD97.86-1.25%0.41K10:32:00 
 iShares MSCI Australia UCITSSAUS2,551.50+0.10%0.41K12:21:00 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7Yr UCITS AccCU718,715.00+1.15%0.41K14:36:37 
 iShares MSCI EMU Mid Cap UCITSEMUM39.83-0.21%0.40K13:51:00 
 iShares Euro Aggregate Bond UCITSIEAG120.06+0.10%0.39K16:20:00 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITSFXC10,207.00+3.52%0.39K16:20:06 
 ETFS 3x Short USD Long GBPPUS31,865.0-0.64%0.39K10:29:32 
 ETFS Short EUR Long GBPURGB4,252.55-0.15%0.38K14:48:55 
 HSBC MSCI EM Far East UCITSHMFE3,760.00+1.58%0.37K15:42:00 
 WisdomTree US SmallCap Dividend EURDESE1,431.1+0.72%0.37K16:14:00 
 Boost Euro Stoxx50 3X Leverage Daily3EUL203.22-0.83%0.36K15:52:00 
 iShares MSCI USA Islamic UCITSISDU41.5450-0.76%0.36K8:00:00 
 ETFS WTI Short Crude OilSOIL70.71+0.13%0.36K16:18:00 
 iShares Core Euro Government Bond UCITSIEGA121.33+0.13%0.36K16:02:00 
 db x-trackers MSCI Africa Top 50 UCITSXMAF9.48+2.38%0.35K15:56:00 
 iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond UCSGIL113.90+0.14%0.35K16:26:00 
 ETFS Forward All Commodities DJ UBSCI F3FAIG19.94-0.25%0.35K16:00:00 
 iShares Global Water UCITSDH2O40.22+0.51%0.35K15:42:07 
 iShares MSCI North America UCITSINAA3,661.94-0.09%0.35K9:50:34 
 db x-trackers MSCI Japan UCITS 1C DRXMJP4,531.50-0.47%0.34K15:56:00 
 HSBC EURO STOXX 50 UCITSH50E3,132.00-0.27%0.34K16:16:00 
 Ind. S&P US Sel Sector SourceXLIS382.28-0.87%0.34K14:21:00 
 iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITSISWD2,323.16+0.13%0.34K10:24:52 
 PIMCO Low Duration US Corp Bond Source IncLDCU101.73-0.06%0.33K16:21:00 
 ETFS Precious MetalsAIGP17.07-0.35%0.33K10:46:00 
 iShares Bric 50 UCITSDBRC34.95+2.38%0.32K15:56:00 
 iShares Global AAA-AA Govt BndSAAA68.10+0.22%0.31K15:26:00 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia UCITSCEMA162.88+1.22%0.31K15:56:00 
 ETFX DAXGlobal Gold Mining GO UCITSAUCOP1,594.2+0.72%0.31K15:30:00 
 UBS - FTSE 100 UCITS GBP A-disUB036,745.00-0.25%0.31K9:49:00 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd FinancialsEUCF107.54-0.03%0.30K16:20:00 
 SSgA SPDR Barclays Capital UK GiltGLTY55.83+0.14%0.30K16:28:00 
 iShares Core Euro Corporate Bond UCITSIEBC114.44+0.21%0.29K16:25:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS AccSMEA4,285.65+0.38%0.29K16:23:17 
 ETFS Long GBP Short USDGBPP2,814.00.00%0.29K13:23:01 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSCNX127,277.00+0.40%0.28K16:17:00 
 Boost Gilts 10Y 3x Short Daily3GIS5,314.0-1.16%0.28K10:07:17 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS AccCJPU158.10-0.58%0.28K15:19:00 
 iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap UCITS DistISJP3,187.79+0.44%0.28K16:00:14 
 iShares Physical PalladiumSPDM2,158.500-0.32%0.28K15:30:00 
 Source EURO STOXX Optimised BanksS7XP6,646.6+0.23%0.27K14:17:23 
 WisdomTree UK Equity IncomeWUKD529.80-0.21%0.26K15:42:00 
 iShares MSCI World Size Factor UCITSIWFS2,472.0+0.33%0.25K14:54:46 
 ETFS Hedged WTI Crude OilPCRD292.55-0.84%0.25K12:13:35 
 iShares AEXIAEX4,686.50-0.56%0.25K9:10:54 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap UCITSIEMS77.86+0.81%0.24K16:05:00 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Tech UCITSXS8R5,708.00-0.17%0.24K15:53:00 
 Boost Nasdaq 100 3X Leverage DailyQQQ31,209.09+0.57%0.24K16:06:00 
 iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan UCITS DistSPXJ3,354+0.92%0.24K16:26:00 
 iShares MSCI Russia Adr/Gdr UCITSCSRU116.28+2.25%0.23K15:23:00 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Small CapEMSD89.44+1.16%0.22K16:22:00 
 SG DAX X5 Daily Long5DEL4,972.00-1.00%0.22K13:45:00 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets UCITSPSRM708.12+1.34%0.22K15:51:00 
 Lyxor UCITS DAXDAXX10,492.0-0.41%0.20K8:18:00 
 ETFS Short NickelSNIK27.14-1.15%0.20K16:21:00 
 iShares Corp Bond Int Rate HgdLQDG71.23+0.44%0.20K16:21:00 
 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond UCITSERNU71.830+0.26%0.20K16:20:00 
 ETFS Leveraged Soybeans ETCLSOB30.52-1.22%0.20K10:16:00 
 iShares Germany Government Bond UCITSIDEU136.23+0.21%0.20K13:50:00 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx GBP Gilt Inflation Linked DRGILI17,871.00+0.20%0.19K16:25:00 
 iShares $ Emerging Markets Corporate Bond UCITSISEMCR100.48+0.03%0.19K15:56:00 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Banks UCITSSX7PEX18.3320-0.42%0.18K9:14:17 
 DB Physical RhodiumXRH0146.50-3.20%0.16K10:32:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe MF GBpIFSE5.955-0.08%0.16K15:01:00 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSEMRD61.24+1.26%0.16K15:41:00 
 HSBC MSCI Mexico Capped UCITSHMEX2,760.00+0.46%0.16K15:42:00 
 iShares Euro Inflation Linked Government Bond UCITISIBC1207.91+0.14%0.15K10:19:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-5Yr UCITSIBGX149.79+0.24%0.15K12:42:00 
 iShares MSCI Poland UCITSSPOL1,726.8-0.65%0.15K15:02:06 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 0-1Yr UCITSIEGE99.37+0.02%0.14K16:14:00 
 iShares Core Euro Government Bond UCITSSEGA107.11+0.28%0.13K16:26:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe Momentum UKIEFM552.00-99.00%0.13K14:52:42 
 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond UCITSERND100.12-0.05%0.13K15:33:00 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Source UCITSSTEA99.815-0.19%0.13K9:16:00 
 Source Goldman Sachs Equity Factor World UCITSEFIW146.47-0.20%0.13K14:42:00 
 HSBC MSCI Brazil UCITSHMBR22.61+0.67%0.13K16:21:00 
 iShares Euro Inflation Linked Government Bond UCITIBCI183.54+0.21%0.13K15:09:00 
 BMO MSCI Europe ex-UK Income Leaders Hedged DistriZIEG26.67-0.13%0.13K15:41:00 
 Vanguard USD Corp BdVUCP37.16+0.22%0.12K15:23:00 
 iShares MSCI UK UCITSCSUK10,291.00+0.63%0.11K16:08:00 
 ETFS Heating OilHEAT11.54-0.09%0.11K8:11:00 
 Boost Palladium 2X Leverage Daily2PAL149.87-1.56%0.11K14:48:00 
 iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITSIWFM2,830.0+0.26%0.11K14:49:18 
 iShares MSCI USA Dividend IQHDIQ2,406.04+0.23%0.10K15:02:50 
 iShares MSCI Mexico Capped UCITSCMX18,724.00+0.87%0.10K14:35:00 
 iShares Euro Covered Bond UCITSICOV153.62+0.13%0.10K15:40:30 
 iShares MSCI Mexico Capped UCITSCMXC0121.59+0.59%0.10K14:35:00 
 iShares Emerging Asia Local Government Bond UCITSIGEA94.11-0.05%0.10K10:45:00 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Health Care TR C-USDHLTW298.34-1.14%0.10K9:56:00 
 ETFS TinTINM37.02+0.79%0.10K16:14:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe Value FactorIEFV518.00-0.23%0.10K16:18:05 
 ETFS SilverSLVR16.39-0.54%0.10K12:00:00 
 db x-trackers II Barclays Global Aggregate Bond 3DXBGG7,585.4-0.27%0.09K15:32:14 
 iShares MSCI Eastern Europe Capped UCITSIEER1,864.40+1.15%0.09K13:05:30 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU UCITS EUR A-disUB0610,844.0-0.38%0.09K10:28:00 
 Boost Euro Stoxx Banks 3X Leverage DailyWT3BAL3,475.0-2.19%0.09K5:00:00 
 ETFS Short Brent CrudeSBRT65.09+0.55%0.09K8:42:00 
 iShares Emerging Asia Local Government Bond UCITSSGEA67.470+0.29%0.08K8:32:00 
 SSgA SPDR S&P Emerging Markets DividendEMDV13.05+0.64%0.08K16:02:00 
 Boost Gold 3X Leverage Daily3GOL25.130-0.91%0.08K13:32:00 
 iShares Nikkei 225 UCITSCNKY13,456.90-0.18%0.07K8:00:35 
 WisdomTree ISEQ 20 UCITSISQE13.57-0.67%0.07K11:42:00 
 iShares MSCI USA Islamic UCITSISUS2,952.00-0.07%0.07K10:25:16 
 ETFS Lean HogsHOGS0.6125+0.41%0.07K14:30:00 
 ETFX DAX Daily 2x Long GO UCITSDL2P26,576.1-0.19%0.07K9:37:36 
 Source Consumer Discretionary S&P US Select SectorXLYS338.64-0.09%0.07K16:20:00 
 ETFS CopperCOPA30.05+1.09%0.07K12:21:37 
 db x-trackers MSCI Europe UCITS DRXMEU4,915.75+0.29%0.06K15:48:00 
 Vanguard USD EM Government BondVEMT36.530+0.34%0.06K15:23:00 
 iShares Global AAA-AA Govt BndIAAA94.9350-0.07%0.06K16:21:00 
 Lyxor UCITS FTSE 250L2502,408.00+0.42%0.06K9:47:50 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSSSAC3,515.00+0.14%0.05K16:09:27 
 Amundi MSCI Europe Banks UCITSCB58,545.00+0.32%0.05K8:00:00 
 Source Consumer Staples S&P US Select SectorXLPS374.465-0.84%0.05K11:48:00 
 ETFS LeadLEED22.94-0.61%0.05K11:25:00 
 Lyxor UCITS EuroMTS All-Maturity Investment Grade MTXX15,545.5+0.27%0.05K9:29:00 
 PIMCO Sterling Short Maturity Source UCITSQUID101.77-0.01%0.05K15:51:00 
 ETFS GasolineUGAS26.52-0.58%0.04K8:11:00 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 1-3Y DRU13G7,152.00+0.22%0.04K9:29:00 
 iShares MSCI EM Minimum VolatilityISEMV2,207.2+1.07%0.04K10:16:17 
 Lyxor UCITS JPX-Nikkei 400 Daily USJPXU126.00-0.73%0.04K16:15:00 
 db x-trackers Nifty 50XNIF11,538.39+0.97%0.04K11:40:32 
 iShares Corp Bond Int Rate HgdLQDH99.295-0.04%0.03K8:31:00 
 iShares $ Emerging Markets Corporate Bond UCITSEMCP72.08+0.47%0.03K16:21:00 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Small Cap Value Weighted AccEUSV31.88-0.42%0.03K15:52:00 
 ETFS Physical PM BasketPHPM98.97-0.04%0.03K15:30:00 
 SG SX5E X5 Daily LongEU5L4,049.00-2.58%0.03K11:07:57 
 iShares MSCI World Quality Factor UCITSIWFQ2,455.0+0.10%0.02K14:03:40 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS AccCSJP11,342.50-0.30%0.02K14:34:00 
 Fidelity Global Quality Income IncFGQD411.70+2.44%0.02K9:02:43 
 Boost FTSE MIB 3x Leverage DailyWT3ITL8,379.5-0.04%0.02K5:00:00 
 iShares $ Corporate Bond UCITSLQDS8,093.00+0.20%0.02K15:02:08 
 Vanguard USD Treasury BdVUTY17.058+0.57%0.02K12:38:00 
 ETFS 3x Short EUR Long USDSEU351.13+0.80%0.02K16:13:33 
 iShares Agribusiness UCITSSPAGA2,482.08+0.21%0.02K15:02:37 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe MF GBpFSEU521.3+0.50%0.02K8:02:54 
 ETFS Short CNY Long USDSCNY35.69+0.71%0.01K12:12:00 
 Boost FTSE MIB BanksWTITBL14,685.5+0.43%0.01K14:27:00 
 SPDR Morningstar Multi-Asset GlobalGIN23.07-0.48%0.01K16:02:00 
 ETFS 5x Long USD Short GBP ETCUSP55,779.0+1.21%0.01K16:11:00 
 iShares MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITSCES118,088.00-0.12%0.01K8:01:45 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 15-30Yr UCITSIBGL198.87+0.89%0.01K11:30:00 
 SSga SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate UCITSGBRE24.58-0.76%0.01K16:02:00 
 ETFS GoldBULL15.72+0.06%0.01K15:11:00 
 Lyxor UCITS Dow Jones Industrial Average D-EURDJEU250.86-0.85%0.01K14:07:00 
 BMO Barclays 3-7 Global Corporate Bond Hedged DistZC3G100.78-0.08%0.01K12:38:00 
 BMO Barclays 7-10 Global Corporate Bond Hedged DisZC7G101.34-0.11%0.01K12:38:00 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed SecSMBS341.30+0.26%0.01K10:50:27 
 Lyxor MSCI World IT TRTNOG18,815.1+1.81%0.01K12:24:40 
 SPDR Euro Stoxx Low Volatility UCITSLOWE32.960-0.08%0.00K15:41:00 
 BMO Barclays 1-3 Global Corporate Bond Hedged DistZC1G98.86+0.15%0.00K12:38:00 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond ex-Financials UCITSEEXF102.80+0.36%0.00K12:41:00 
 db x-trackers LPX MM Private Equity UCITSXLPE4,683.00+1.17%0.00K15:41:00 
 iShares MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITSCEUS205.45-0.50%0.00K10:48:00 
 HSBC MSCI USA UCITSHMUS1,872.00+0.26%0.00K15:43:00 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI USA D-EURUSAL18,823.00+0.31%0.00K15:54:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBGS127.51+0.26%0.00K12:41:00 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Health Care UCITSXSDR10,347.00+0.14%0.00K15:42:00 
 iShares Physical SilverSSLN1,148.91-0.01%0.00K12:00:04 
 UBS MSCI Japan Socially Responsible JPY A-disJPSR1,629.5-0.03%0.00K15:55:00 
 Lyxor UCITS Eastern Europe CECE NTR EUR C-EURCECL1,997.5+0.01%0.00K15:41:00 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd Sustain Screen 0-3ySUSS442.80+0.33%0.00K12:39:00 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 7-10Yr UCITSIBGM183.23+0.48%0.00K12:42:00 
 BMO MSCI USA Income Leaders Hedged Distributing ShZISG3,164.00-0.47%0.00K10:50:25 
 SG WTI X5 Daily Short5OIS2.93-8.99%0.00K8:48:00 
 Source MSCI Japan UCITSMXJP64.220.00%018/02 
 ETFS WTI 2MthOILW20.140.00%016/02 
 Boost BTP 10Y 3X Short DailyWT3BTS4,516.0+0.03%020/02 
 Boost Gold 2X Leverage Daily2GOL91.920.00%018/02 
 Boost Bund 10Y 3X Short DailyWT3BUS5,309.0-0.53%020/02 
 Lyxor Green Bond DR C-EURLYCLIM42.1000.00%016/02 
 Boost S&P 500 3X Leverage Daily3LUS44,557.80.00%020/02 
 Boost BTP 10Y 3X Leverage DailyWT3BTL11,017.0-1.11%020/02 
 Fidelity US Quality Income IncFIFUSD5.775-0.02%020/02 
 Fidelity US Quality Income AccFIFUSA5.890-0.02%020/02 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Europe UCITSPSREG838.550.00%019/02 
 Nomura Nikkei 225 USDNXKU130.920.00%016/02 
 ETFS Leveraged All Commodities DJ UBSCI ETCLALL5.0740.00%018/02 
 Boost Natural Gas 2x Leverage Daily2NGL3.0210.00%018/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3 AccIBTA4.979-0.04%020/02 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Europe Mid-Small UCITSPSEG1,371.000.00%020/02 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond AccIUAA4.9840.00%020/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Energy DJ UBSCI ETCLNRG0.25750.00%001/01 
 ETFS Leveraged Corn ETCLCOR2.2480.00%020/02 
 ETFS 3x Long AUD Short USDLAU329.750.00%018/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Cotton ETCLCTO14.560.00%018/02 
 ETFS 3X Long EUR Short USDLEU322.570.00%020/02 
 Boost Gold 3X Short Daily3GOS96.520.00%020/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Copper ETCLCOP8.6990.00%019/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Brent CrudeLBRT56.860.00%018/02 
 Nomura Nikkei 225 EURNXKE128.020.00%020/02 
 Boost Copper 3x Leverage Daily3HCL25.5200.00%020/02 
 Boost Levdax 3X Daily3DEL240.500.00%018/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Grains DJ UBSCI ETCLGRA4.000.00%018/02 
 Boost Copper 3x Short Daily3HCS51.610.00%020/02 
 Boost FTSE 250 2X Leverage Daily2MCL20,990.50.00%016/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Softs DJ UBSCI ETCLSFT7.450.00%018/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Soybean Oil ETCLSYO2.1840.00%016/02 
 Source MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSMXFS50.260.00%020/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Precious Metals DJ UBSCI ETCLPMT31.480.00%018/02 
 ETFS Long AUD Short USDLAUD50.150.00%018/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Heating Oil ETCLHEA1.970.00%019/02 
 WisdomTree Europe SmallCapDFE1,578.40.00%020/02 
 PIMCO EM Advantage Local Bond EUREMLI85.3050.00%020/02 
 SG FTSE 100 X5 Daily Short5SFT79.835-0.26%020/02 
 ETFS Short SilverSSIL16.430.00%016/02 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA Health Care DRXUHC33.7600.00%020/02 
 ETFS Ex-EnergyAIGX9.100.00%016/02 
 ETFS 3x Long AUD Short GBPAUP34,423.000.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short Energy DJ UBSCISNRG147.420.00%018/02 
 Lyxor USD Floating Rate Note UCITS D-GBP HMSWIH100.670.00%018/02 
 iShares Global Govt Bond AccIGLA5.0880.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UCITS Euro Stoxx 50 Dailly GBMSEX11,123.000.00%016/02 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond AccHYLA5.0650.00%019/02 
 ETFS Short CAD Long GBPCAGB4,819.500.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short CHF Long GBPCHGB3,446.500.00%001/01 
 UBS MSCI Canada hedged A-accUC871,284.10.00%020/02 
 Lyxor SG Global Quality Income NTR D-GBPSGQP11,739.00.00%016/02 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Health Care TR C-USDHLTG21,438.50.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers II Global Sovereign EUR UCITS 5CXG7S19,525.00.00%020/02 
 Lyxor US TIPS DR D-USDTIPU97.390.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI USA UCITSCSUS257.080.00%020/02 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 1-10 hedged A-acc GBPUBTP1,292.00.00%020/02 
 UBS MSCI EMU UCITS USDUC8924.780.00%018/02 
 Fidelity Europe Quality Income UCITS AccFEQD4.2510.00%020/02 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE EM EquityEMHF102.90000.00%018/02 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE US EquityUSHF97.11000.00%018/02 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE Europe EqEHEF99.42000.00%018/02 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE JapanJHEF98.09000.00%018/02 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE Pacific ePHEF97.08000.00%018/02 
 ETFS Battery Value Chain GO UCITSBATT9.5010.00%020/02 
 Ether Tracker Euro XBT ProviderO2XT82.5900.00%026/01 
 BMO Enhanced Income Euro EquityZWEE24.8000.00%018/02 
 Fidelity Europe Quality Income Hedged AccFEQP4.8740.00%019/02 
 PowerShares Emerging Markets USD Bond ETFPEMD19.8200.00%020/02 
 JPMorgan ETFs Ireland ICAV - Managed Futures UCITSJPFM1,761.50.00%018/02 
 HSBC MSCI Indonesia UCITSHIDRI6,818.000.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers FTSE China 50 UCITS DRXX253,024.000.00%020/02 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS Hedged AccAGGU4.9410.00%020/02 
 ETFS Long AUD Short GBPGBAU5,450.000.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short AUD Long GBPAUGB3,565.500.00%018/02 
 ETFS Long EUR Short USDEURP2,668.000.00%020/02 
 ETFS Forward Agriculture DJ UBSCI F3FAGR8.650.00%016/02 
 WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity A-USD IncWCOG778.750.00%018/02 
 BMO MSCI UK Income Leaders Distributing SharesZILK26.140.00%020/02 
 PowerShares FTSE UK High Dividend Low VolatilityUKHD2,355.30.00%018/02 
 HSBC MSCI Turkey UCITSHTRY305.650.00%016/02 
 BMO MSCI EM Income Leaders IncZIEM22.320.00%020/02 
 HSBC MSCI EM Latin America UCITSHMLA2,208.500.00%016/02 
 Vanguard Eurozone Government BondVETY21.8480.00%020/02 
 ETFS 3x Daily Short Gold ETC3AUS25.5400.00%016/02 
 Source Real Estate S&P US Select SectorXRES14.7250.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI Poland UCITSIPLD24.440.00%020/02 
 Lyxor MSCI All Country World C-USDACWU199.7050.00%020/02 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc MS Scientific Beta US EUSEF128.760.00%016/02 
 Source JPX-Nikkei 400N400157.020.00%018/02 
 VanEck Vectors Morningstar US Wide MoatMOAT30.500.00%020/02 
 ETFS Lombard Odier IM EM Local Govt Bond FundamentLOCL11.1900.00%020/02 
 First Trust US Large Cap Core AlphaDEX Class BFEXD3,160.50.00%020/02 
 ETFS Short WheatSWEA113.500.00%016/02 
 Boost Bund 10Y 3X Leverage DailyWT3BUL10,832.0-0.51%020/02 
 ETFS Long CAD Short GBPGBCA4,122.000.00%018/02 
 ETFS Long CHF Short GBPGBCH5,541.000.00%018/02 
 ETFS 5x Short EUR Long GBP ETCSUP51,090.50.00%020/02 
 ETFS Live CattleCATL7.000.00%019/02 
 ETFS Forward WTI Crude OilFCRU33.780.00%016/02 
 ETFS Longer Dated Brent CrudeFBRT36.060.00%018/02 
 ETFS Lombard Odier IM Global GovernCOGG8.400.00%019/02 
 ETFS Bullish USD vs Commodity Currency Basket SecuSCOM11.0330.00%020/02 
 ETFS GBP Daily Hedged CopperPCOP707.750.00%018/02 
 ETFS 3x Long JPY Short GBPJPP31,755.00.00%020/02 
 ETFS GBP Daily Hedged GoldPBUL688.590.00%019/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Gasoline ETCLGAS3.9690.00%020/02 
 ETFS Bullish USD vs G10 Currency Basket SecuritiesLUSB10.8280.00%018/02 
 ETFS 3x Long USD Short GBPUSP35,508.00.00%020/02 
 ETFS Long EUR Short GBPGBUR4,721.500.00%020/02 
 HSBC MSCI Canada UCITSHCAN1,218.750.00%019/02 
 ETFS Leveraged AgricultureLAGR7.070.00%016/02 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World D-EURWLDD212.040.00%018/02 
 iShares Dow Jones Global Sustainability Screened UIGSU40.780.00%018/02 
 ETFS 3x Short JPY Long GBPSYP33,265.500.00%020/02 
 ETFS Long USD Short GBPGBUS4,877.000.00%016/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-7Yr UCITS AccCBE7132.810.00%018/02 
 ETFS 3x Short GBP Long USDSGB346.310.00%018/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 5-7Yr UCITSIBGY136.900.00%018/02 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSES15119.530.00%019/02 
 Powershares Global Buyback Achievers UCITSBUYB35.570.00%019/02 
 ETFS Short EUR Long USDSEUP3,868.900.00%019/02 
 ETFS 3x Long GBP Short USDLGB324.080.00%016/02 
 ETFS Short USD Long GBPUSGB4,086.500.00%018/02 
 iShares MDAX UCITS DEMDAXIEX224.960.00%019/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Lean Hogs ETCLLHO2.6070.00%018/02 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond UCITSSUAG72.89500.00%020/02 
 ETFS Forward Natural GasNGAF1.5610.00%018/02 
 Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape UKLCPE26,010.000.00%019/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Lead ETCLLEA5.8500.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short JPY Long GBPJPGB4,659.500.00%020/02 
 iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS DEDJAIGEX17.57200.00%014/02 
 ETFS Short GoldSBUL23.140.00%020/02 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Construction & Materials SXOPEX43.75360.00%006/02 
 Lyxor UCITS Commodities Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRNL1,468.000.00%020/02 
 DB WTI Crude Oil BoosterXCT942.750.00%020/02 
 iShares Dow Jones Europe Sustainability ScreenedIESE39.890.00%016/02 
 ETFS Forward Energy DJ UBSCI F3ENEF18.410.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short Precious Metals DJ UBSCISPMT22.641.12%020/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 15-30Yr UCITSIEGL225.010.00%019/02 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 5-7Y DRU57G7,675.500.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 5-7Y DRUS57107.460.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 10Y+ DRUS10133.450.00%016/02 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx EUR Liquid High Yield 30 Ex-FinaYIEL116.510.00%018/02 
 ETFS Brent 1Yr USDOSB150.120.00%018/02 
 ETFX DAXGlobal Gold Mining GO UCITSAUCO22.250.00%020/02 
 iShares US Equity Buyback AchieversBACK6.6110.00%019/02 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond ex-Financials UCITSSSXF141.560.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Industrials TR C-USDINDW355.890.00%018/02 
 iShares MSCI Taiwan UCITSIDTW46.91500.00%019/02 
 Lyxor UCITS China Enterprise (HSCEI) C-EURASIU179.410.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI EM Latin America C-USDLTMU34.650.00%018/02 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS AccCSBR85.260.00%020/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX Banks 30-15 UCITSSX7EEX13.05900.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS AccCSKR180.320.00%016/02 
 iShares FTSEurofirst 80 UCITSIEUR1,034.900.00%019/02 
 ETFS Leveraged NickelLNIK85.780.00%018/02 
 iShares Physical PalladiumIPDM30.350.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short Grains DJ UBSCISGRA52.890.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short Industrial Metals DJSIME37.910.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short PlatinumSPLA55.090.00%020/02 
 ETFS Short TinSTIM14.750.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short GasolineSGAS23.930.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short All Commodities DJ UBSCISALL73.390.00%018/02 
 Vanguard Global Liquidity FactorVDLQ34.050.00%016/02 
 db xtrackers II iBoxx US 1 3 TreasXUT3166.940.00%020/02 
 Vanguard FTSE North AmericaVDNR67.900.00%016/02 
 ETFS Short SoybeansSSOB20.780.00%018/02 
 ETFS LivestockAIGL3.0780.00%018/02 
 db xtrackers II iBoxx US TreasurieXUTD209.210.00%020/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI World MF GBpIFSW7.03750.00%019/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA MF GBpFSUS503.70.00%019/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA MF GBpIFSU7.06620.00%016/02 
 db x-trackers MSCI EM Asia UCITS 1CXMAS3,938.500.00%020/02 
 WisdomTree Eurozone Quality DivEGRG1,495.10.00%018/02 
 ETFS Forward Grains DJ UBSCI F3GRAF6.130.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 Short Daily 1CXSSX1,253.800.00%020/02 
 ETFS Short EUR Long USDSERO53.990.00%016/02 
 ETFS Short AgricultureSAGRA53.120.00%018/02 
 Vanguard Global Min VolatilityVDMV31.500.00%016/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 ex-FinancialsEXFN33.460.00%018/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Tin ETCLTIM26.570.00%018/02 
 Source FTSE 100 UCITSS1005,949.000.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI USA UCITSCSU118,404.000.00%019/02 
 ETFS Hedged SilverPSVR393.950.00%020/02 
 iShares Euro Aggregate Bond UCITSSEAG106.330.00%019/02 
 DB Physical PlatinumXPLA97.260.00%019/02 
 Source RDX UCITSRDXS137.870.00%020/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 0-1Yr UCITSIBGE87.98000.00%018/02 
 iShares FTSE MIB UCITS AccCMB17,247.500.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI EMU UCITSCEU19,895.500.00%020/02 
 SPDR Barclays 0-5 Year US High Yield Bond UCITSSJNK46.430.00%020/02 
 ETFS 3x Short JPY Long USDSJP376.200.00%020/02 
 ETFS Leveraged WheatLWEA20.650.00%020/02 
 ETFS Leveraged Zinc ETCLZIC13.2620.00%020/02 
 Amundi ETF S&P 500 UCITS500U48.230.00%020/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCE319,887.000.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia UCITSCEA111,5660.00%019/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 10-15yrIEGZ170.720.00%020/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 10-15yrIBGZ152.090.00%018/02 
 OSSIAM US Minimum Variance NR UCITS 1C USDUSMV194.420.00%018/02 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+Yr DEIBTL320.0-99.00%010:15:02 
 UBS BBG CMCI WTI CRUDEOILU70.56-0.54%020/02 
 db x-trackers Nifty 50XNID160.700.00%019/02 
 UBS Irl ETF plc - MSCI USA UCITS USD A-disUC044,714.500.00%018/02 
 UBS ETFs plc - MSCI Canada SF UCITS CAD A accUC243,441.500.00%014/02 
 ETFS 3x Short EUR Long GBPSUP33,368.000.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UK£ 10Y Inflation Expectations C-GBPUKBE100.350.00%018/02 
 Boost US Treasuries 10Y 3X Leverage DailyBS3TYL6,825.0-0.31%020/02 
 Boost Euro Stoxx50 3X Leverage Daily3LEU18,022.00.00%020/02 
 Boost S&P 500 3X Short Daily3ULS415.350.00%016/02 
 UBS ETF - EURO STOXX 50 UCITS EUR A-disUB0034.1780.00%018/02 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSX5S6,228.50.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Utilities UCITSXS6R6,532.50.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 ex Financials UCITS DRXD5F1,590.80.00%019/02 
 Boost Euro Stoxx Banks 3X Short DailyWT3BAS1,347.50.00%020/02 
 Amundi ETF Euro Stoxx Small Cap UCITSESM4,104.00.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Industrial Goods UCXSNR8,385.00.00%018/02 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 UCITSISISX5128.880.00%020/02 
 PowerShares EURO STOXX High Dividend Low VolatilitEUHD2,448.80.00%018/02 
 PowerShares EURO STOXX High Dividend Low VolatilitHDEU27.6830.00%020/02 
 Lyxor Euro Stoxx 300 DR Monthly Hedged C-GBPMFEG11,739.00.00%020/02 
 ETFS Short Natural GasSNGA503.430.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short Livestock DJ UBSCISLST61.730.00%001/01 
 iShares S&P 500 Industrials Sector AccIISU415.70+0.16%020/02 
 PowerShares Dynamic US Market UCITSPSWCG1,325.250.00%016/02 
 ETFS 3X Short AUD Long GBPSAP32,025.500.00%018/02 
 Fidelity Global Quality Income IncFGQI5.777-0.69%019/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Materials Sector AccIMSU417.450.60%020/02 
 Fidelity US Quality Income AccFUQA420.750.00%018/02 
 Boost FTSE MIB 3x Short DailyWT3ITS803.50.00%018/02 
 Boost Natural Gas 3x Short Daily3LGS3,069.50.00%018/02 
 Fidelity US Quality Income IncFUSI412.500.00%018/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Utilities Sector AccISIUSU350.90-1.22%020/02 
 Boost Nasdaq 100 3X Leverage DailyLQQ383,420.00.00%019/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Utilities Sector AccIUUS4.912-1.23%020/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Materials Sector AccIUMS5.8430.65%020/02 
 ETFS Short INR Long USDSINR33.770.00%001/01 
 First Trust US Small Cap Core AlphaDEX AccFTFYX22.805+0.29%020/02 
 VanEck Vectors J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond EMLC66.86-0.22%019/02 
 db x-trackers II Global Govt Bond DR 3CDBXGSI12.0600.00%020/02 
 Boost Euro Stoxx50 3X Short Daily3LES694.8751.96%019/02 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity Hedged AccDXJA18.4700.57%020/02 
 ETFS Short CocoaSCOC30.600.00%018/02 
 SSgA SPDR Barclays Cap US Aggregate BondUSAG103.360.00%016/02 
 SSgA SPDR S&P 500 Low VolatilityUSLV33.440.00%020/02 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Spain UCITSCS117,393.000.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers MSCI Mexico UCITS DR 1CXMEX356.000.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI EM Consumer GrowthCEMG33.8150.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers LevDAX Daily UCITS 1CXLDX10,274.000.00%016/02 
 Amundi ETF MSCI China UCITSCC1U354.550.00%018/02 
 Amundi MSCI Brazil UCITSBRZ54.270.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers S&P Global Infrastructure UCITS 1CXSGI3,093.500.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Telecom UCITSXSKR5,718.500.00%018/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 5-7Yr UCITSIEGY154.280.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI USA Small Cap UCITSCUSS317.340.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan UCITSXAXJ3,427.000.00%020/02 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Latin America UCITSALAU16.880.00%020/02 
 ETFS Commodity Securities CottonSCTON18.290.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe Quality DEIEQU5.9460.00%020/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe Quality DEIEFQ523.00.00%020/02 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Asia UCITSAASU36.050.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Basic Resources UCIXSPR8,718.500.00%020/02 
 db x-trackers MSCI Malaysia UCITS DR 1CXCX3982.750.00%019/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCBE3112.260.00%018/02 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Food & Beverage UCIXS3R10,082.000.00%020/02 
 iShares TA-25 IsraelISISRL403.800.00%018/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCBU3105.420.00%019/02 
 Ossiam FTSE 100 Min Variance 1CUKMV17,575.00.00%020/02 
 Lyxor FTSE 100 Monthly Hedged C-USDLY100H118.280.00%020/02 
 ETFS Short Soybean OilSSYO76.010.00%016/02 
 ETFs CopperSCPR25.830.00%016/02 
 SG FTSE 100 x3 Daily LongUKL3133.850.00%018/02 
 SG FTSE 100 x3 Daily ShortUKS342.290.00%018/02 
 ETFS Short CornSCRN45.540.00%018/02 
 ETFS DAX Daily 2x Short GO UCITSDES24.7490.00%018/02 
 ETFS Daily Short PetroleumSPTO53.49-0.19%05:00:00 
 Boost FTSE 100 2X Short Daily2UKS4,171.50.00%020/02 
 Boost FTSE 100 2X Leverage Daily2UKL15,376.50.00%016/02 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx GBP Liquid Corp Long DatedCOUK14,532.000.00%016/02 
 HSBC MSCI Canada UCITSHCAD17.050.00%019/02 
 iShares Dow Jones Global Sustainability Screened UIGSG2,894.000.00%020/02 
 Source MSCI USA UCITSMXUS71.220.00%016/02 
 HSBC MSCI AC Far East ex JapanHMAD49.94500.00%020/02 
 Lyxor UCITS Dow Jones Industrial Average D-EURDJEL17,951.50.00%020/02 
 Boost FTSE 100 1X Short DailySUK16,703.50.00%019/02 
 Lyxor UCITS CAC 40 (DR) D-EURCACX4,596.80.00%018/02 
 Lyxor UCITS Eastern Europe CECE NTR EUR C-EURCECD27.970.00%020/02 
 Boost Nasdaq 100 3X Short DailyLQQS182.450.00%019/02