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Jeroen Blokland
Bitcoin As An Asset Class: Update By Jeroen Blokland - Oct 19, 2017

Bitcoin’s price broke the USD 5000 threshold this week. Since the start of this year, the ‘cryptocurrency’, as some like to call it, has almost quintupled in value. Others like to ...

​Bitcoin Hits All-Time High By XTB - Oct 12, 2017

It’s been a quiet start to the trading day in London with the FTSE 100 flat and the pound little changed on balance. The same can’t be said for Bitcoin with the cryptocurrency smashing ...

Will The SEC Approve A Bitcoin ETF In 2017? By Investing.com - Oct 10, 2017

by Tanzeel Akhtar Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) are struggling to get off the ground and receive approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Governments and traditional ...

Eddie Tofpik
Bitcoin: Trend Up? By Eddie Tofpik - Oct 02, 2017

The support I suggested that might be substantial underneath the market back at the start of September turned out to not to be so: prices initially tested lower, recovered and then took a full attack...

Yann Quelenn
Mario Draghi No Threat To Bitcoin By Yann Quelenn - Sep 27, 2017

This was one comment that seems at first sight very bullish for the bitcoin, the most famous digital currency. Mario Draghi, in his statement to the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic ...

Ethereum: Here's What To Watch For By Investing.com - Sep 26, 2017 1

by Tanzeel Akhtar As the cryptocurrency space gains traction and Bitcoin matures, consider yet another type of digital currency, Ethereum. It's the second most popular with investors and also uses ...

Is Ripple Poised To Disrupt Bitcoin? By Investing.com - Sep 19, 2017 5

by Tanzeel Akhtar If you haven’t heard of Ripple (XRP) already, now is a good time to get to know the digital currency. Though still low key, Ripple has huge potential and could soon rival ...

Eddie Tofpik
Bitcoin: Trend Up By Eddie Tofpik - Sep 04, 2017

Bitcoin: Trend Up Despite fears of a pull back last time, the market re-energised itself with a slow start higher after a failed Key Reversal Down attempt two days after my last report. This carried ...

Eddie Tofpik
Bitcoin: Trend Up By Eddie Tofpik - Aug 07, 2017

It took some time but finally over these last two days prices have punched up and foiled...or seemingly foiled for the moment at least, any opportunity for prices to drop down. Initially the market ...

Eddie Tofpik
Bitcoin: Trend Up? By Eddie Tofpik - Jul 03, 2017

I emphasised last time how the 5 and 6 of June could be important because of the Pitchfork Tine Crossovers about to happen. They did prove to be important with an attempt on those dates higher that ...

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