Commodity Analysis & Comment

Jeffrey Halley
Oil Settles Into A Range (For Now) By Jeffrey Halley - Mar 20, 2017

Despite an early sell-off in Asia trading, crude has rallied to rest almost unchanged on the day. All said crude has held up reasonably well as the week starts, following Friday’s Baker Hughes ...

Ellen Wald
Will A Fed Rate Hike Boost The Price Of Oil? By Ellen Wald - Mar 15, 2017

Later today we will likely hear that the United States Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, perhaps more than was expected just a few weeks ago. What will this do to the price of oil, which is ...

Jeffrey Halley
Oil: OPEC, Meet The Frackers By Jeffrey Halley - Mar 13, 2017

OPEC finds itself crossing its fingers that the price falls of last week are a washout of positioning and not a structural change. Both Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) ended down some 9% last ...

Fawad Razaqzada
Crude Oil Slumps By Fawad Razaqzada - Mar 09, 2017 1

A correction of some sort in crude oil prices seemed inevitable and this may well have started today with both contracts falling nearly 4% each. As we reported the possibility on Friday, Brent has ...

Fawad Razaqzada
Gold: Could Precious Metals Bounce Back? By Fawad Razaqzada - Mar 08, 2017 1

Thanks to a generally stronger dollar amid heightened expectations of a faster tightening cycle from the Fed, market participants have apparently reduced their holdings in buck-denominated precious ...

Matthew Ashley
Is It Time For Gold To Resume Its Rally? By Matthew Ashley - Mar 07, 2017

Key Points: Reaching a turning point in the Elliot wave. EMA bias remains highly bullish. Rate hike fears could hinder further gains. Sentiment should be returning to the gold markets this week as ...

Eddie Tofpik
Crude Oil Daily Chart By Eddie Tofpik - Mar 06, 2017

Crude oil: I think that the text I wrote last month is still valid and I've decided to mainly reproduce it and just finesse and update the support and resistance numbers that are dynamic to fit the ...

Eddie Tofpik
Soybeans Trend Up? By Eddie Tofpik - Mar 06, 2017

Soybean: So far, the bullish channel I'd drawn back from Nov 2016 last month has held as the general direction of the market. However, one can say that this month has been mixed as prices crossed ...

Eddie Tofpik
Wheat Trend? By Eddie Tofpik - Mar 06, 2017

Wheat: Last month I wrote 'Overall, bullish outlook but with a question mark on the bullet point until the intentions become clearer if we go through 441 5/8.'. Well the market went through 441 5/8 ...

Eddie Tofpik
Corn Trend Up? By Eddie Tofpik - Mar 06, 2017

Corn: I've done three things to the Daily Chart above; two directly and one indirectly. I've finessed the Bullish Channel I drew last time so that instead of the Oct 2016 and Jan 2016 highs being the...