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Swissquote Ltd
Brexit – Who Cares? Gilts; GBP By Swissquote Ltd - Jan 16, 2019

As Brexit dominates headlines, it is not dominating investors. UK 2-Year and 10-Year gilt yields rose slightly to +0.825% and +1.287% (+2.46% and +2.30% percentage change) while the British pound...

Ken Odeluga
Italy Underpins Global Markets Again By Ken Odeluga - Nov 26, 2018

Summary Coordinated signals, subtle and vague from the leaders of Italy’s coalition government, are underpinning European stock markets again. Italian coalition blinks The mood—which is...

Peter Rosenstreich
U.S. Interest Climbs By Peter Rosenstreich - Oct 05, 2018

Analysts are attributing the increase to a strong US economy, hawkish Fed comments, technical factors or even possible demand for return premia. Yet, significant corporate issuance, higher dollar...

Kathleen Brooks
Euro-Zone Debt Crisis 2.0? By Kathleen Brooks - Oct 02, 2018 1

The big news on Tuesday is that Italian bond yields are lurching higher once more and have tested the air above 3.4% earlier today. This is spooking the markets, with European stocks a sea of red and...

Kiann Ong
U.S. Curve Spread Hedged Trades By Kiann Ong - Aug 22, 2018

The US treasury curve has garnered significant attention, especially on the ‘curve inversion’ where the short-end of the curve yields is higher than the long(er) end. What has the market...

Kiann Ong
Convexity In U.S. Treasuries By Kiann Ong - Aug 18, 2018

We are now in a firmly hiking environment, unless something derails the US economy in the coming months. The US treasury curve has been flattening, with 2y:10y reaching new lows. That being said, with...

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