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can't break it's 25 support level
pumping and dumping, cathewood was right as she sold once reach above 50 now she might buying lower again.
How it's possible that is not even close to 54?
He might try to change the price with technology shares diving
worth buying below 54
You think so lol
tgt 54
How the *******does it go down today? ******
This is going to be interseting 🧐
Now what? When will the sale happen
The share price may rise to 75.00
pump and dumpingg
Musk news must make this go up.However it will be small jumps not a big one.
100$ target
Hold 60-80
twitter looks good with SL below $46
Its down due to hawkish news from fed , will be up tomorrow again
You were totally WRONG! It dropped even more instead of going up as you said...
US stock over value...facing greater risks ahead...with higher inflation and oil are all time high...there is a potential of 12 to 15 percent down side ahead...
will add it for Long term
Over valued sell,,, 40ish
Twitter blue gonna make this stock fly
Sorry but its a ***** new innovative tech out everyday they havent chnaged in years its worthless not priceless - fair value $2.50
SELL Twitter, anytime faces ban from India
Do it for big amounts lol
SELL SELL Twitter, anytime faces ban from India
Hell yeah
Bullish Twitter. Done. TQ