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Someone shoved a rocket under her! kabooooom!
Fracking in the UK is back on trend.
Yeah but it's just hype already been tried the amount of red tape and pc politicians caved first sign of bad press. Take the money and run soon as new leader gets in will go quiet as no one will give fracking ago with out major government money involved so not likely to happen.
Called it... hope people got off the rocket.
Any food comments from experience investor please. What is the route for igas this week. Thanks
look forward to government statement next week on the Boost to develop domestic energy suplies, rather than imports.
Brian was ahead of the game!
Fill the 30 gap then resume up trend. Bullish
IGAS estimates there are 630 Billion cubic feet of gas per square mile in place in its Lincolnshire trough.If applied to its entire acreage in the East Midlands, this would equate to 270 Trillion cubic feet of high quality Natual Gas. Who needs Russia's gas at that rate.
Is iGas still producing oil and gas
Yes, daily
Looks tempting at 13p
Is this stock not currently significantly under valued ?