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Dating in 2022 and beyond bullish buy and hold
Not sure how much this one has. Has a good brand and is both marketed and placed well. But not close to profit and the Google reviews from its current customers are shocking. It feel like a business that has opened the door for similar brands to come and do it better.Took small position in the first week and regretting not doing enough research before hand. Hype.
time to liquidate everything and get out this game
Well hello there bumble, I'm glad you decided to wake up a little
haha true . good spike
I think it’s only start, and after it will be listed on all majour stock exchange, price will rise
fantastic debut bumble well done. probably the biggest mistake I made
haha you all love dating app so much?
let me guess your from albania
Bit of a s h 11 t week for this stock
Pump and dump stock
do you think. I bought £4k this morn :(
Would rather put in energy stock like Energy Transfer( ET) only on $7 when up more than 10% in 2 days. Will be 15+ in coming months making double your money. Low risk also.
this stock gon make yall good money, like for luck