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100++ inevitable
b4 xmas , 100, c u
its Japanese plant is flying
buy more.. tech is priceless nowadays
fly soon, The AI Industry Moves Towards Rapid Development in Silicon Photonics With TSMC Partnering Up With NVIDIA & Broadcom
buy for rebound, The world's leading chip manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), is grappling with the challenge of meeting the soaring demand for high-performance computing (HPC) GPUs designed for AI training. The company's chairman, Mark Liu, revealed on Friday that TSMC's current production capacity is unable to satisfy the market's growing need for advanced packaging capability.
up, AMD re-emphasized today that it will be one of the early adopters of TSMC's Fab 21 when it comes online in 2025.
Good, In addition to its U.S. efforts, last month TSMC agreed to invest $3.8 billion into a new semiconductor factory in Germany, marking its first foray into Europe. The main focus of this factory would be on chips for the automotive industry.
New phone, new chips required for AI, buy on weakness
above 120 before... just trust in it
uptrend, US factory is progressing well
bottom up strategy, buy call
moving towards usd100
chip stocks would rebound. Analysts expects Nvidia to forecast 110% growth in third-quarter revenue to US$12.50 billion when it reports results on Wednesday.
target price usd135
buy more.. chip to rise, AI
buy3, Elsewhere, U.S. chipmaker Intel returns to a profit in the second quarter as an inventory glut eases.
2nd half of 2023., chip upswing begins, accumulate now
150 is also possible... hurray!!!
more chips to support AI boom... uptrend
surging.chips are needed in AI, above 120 soon
china govt wanted tech companies to expand. more demand for chips... tsmc will fly higher
chips for AI boom just started. 200 next year. buy call
AI boom, many chips are needed
Stock you need to buy. This will rocket in months to come