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time to start moving up I'm thinking.
I hate banking stocks. I have a lot of skin in the game. Billions in profit but shares plummet. Doesn't matter what happens, they never go up
I did say to buy. If you didnt do it you are silly. The stock market is very forward-looking and the problems. NatWest is having are very temporary. Just buy as much as you can.
Just buy! They will get the board sorted soon
Thankfully brought at the outbreak of Covid still in the black
I'll never get to understand the stock market 😒 record profits but the NWG down 10% 🤔
It's because of dividend payment adjustments.
just hold...... they'll bounce back ......
if it drops another 20p it's a target !? £190Buy!
Whats going on with MWG?
Next target 270?
I think and hope Natwest Shares will hit 300 mark soon
I don't hold any malice against the Board of Natwest, but I hope the flea's of a 1000 camels infest their ****s. :-) daily !!!
I must write and congratulate Natwest, robbed your clients and your shareholders.
Shares usually go down after ex date when people cash dividends and sell shares
they've reduced the amount of shares so I would have thought that the remaining shares would be worth more.
why pay a special bonus then reduce your shares? and now the shares are going down why?
Well done Natwest, stuffed your shareholders and reduced the total shares in the process. ?! Typical Bankers.
Dividends ex date is next week. Is the price gonna go down after that date?
Faisal, I guess the price will go down a fraction tomorrow but as they are swapping 14 shares for 13 shares on tuesday after the payment of a special dividend, that is the time to watch, but i think its a strong stock and undervalued, market change based on the Ukraine/Russia situation will have more impact.
Thank Thanks. Don't understand how come they can rob like this. My shares are of less value now. I had thought they would increase the share price to offset it.
James, you are missing the point, the goverment get 1bn plus the share price jumps and the goverment get much more in the spring than than they would have done this year….Alison rose and Rishi Sunak putbthis one togther! There not so stupid
Its a disgrace they are paying dividends when still owing the Government a shed load of bail out money. The country needs the cash not paltry dividends. Pay the country back before crowing about making big profits.
Disagree, they are buying the shares back, the government are selling back when they see the share price is best for taxpayer so this will take time
Bank of England will again rise rates on 3 February minimum to 0.5 % . All British Banks will make a lot of profits. Buy now if you need money
tf happened today
Any Ideas about when or which date will NWG will pay the Dividend?? Thanks
4th may
Archavios Hedge fund defaults!
my mans on fire