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rumors 2$ this week?
invest in Saudi Arabia. better returns and a more reliable system than the US.
American Market is a scam. the regulators are in it and the system is corrupt. never invest in America....
0.57$ my buy price, how do you think of this guys?
Looks like you did extremely well😂
Did you sell?
sell, dont wait
the motorless truck company, even with a inclined road, got stucked flat to the ground
Worst investment in my life time and lost £30k for nothing in return . But only lesson learned never invest in these kind of Meme stocks
Are you in the loss live or you closed the loss?
just in unrealised loss.
Trash stock
Still bullisch on the long term!
I bought at 9.05 , now its 0.87 , how can someone will be bullish on it
I got now 11,500 stocks @5.46 , slowly slowly averaging and try to bring to $4 average
Troll company
get as much stock as possible on cheap and wait until it fires and it will fire Definitely. Nikola is working hard in the In the hydrogen sector as well as EV and needs to work even harder. So all good. Just a matter of time imo dyor
stay away from US stocks.
it's firing now this is going turn around.
US regulations do favour big investors... Capitalism...
it's a acrewd up company, management and technology. US economy is being taking over by China..
In 2020, short seller Hindenburg Research explained in a report why Nikola's technology could not keep up with the company's ambitious visions ... Almost two years later, however, given the progress of Nikola and seeing the Nikola Tre Bev and the tests on the Fcev already on the market, it would seem that in reality his report was only used for his own interests ... to bring down the value of the share ... it seems ?
to the moon
Scam stock
Go short it then …
Not anymore, they selling Iveco trucks with N logo
Dont short again !!
the worst stock
Why drop on good news?
What kind of good news you read?
Come on go to 14 so I can start shorting again 🚀
Big scam stock
1 day show only
Nikola is a fraudulent company would rather buy Nio or Xpeng which actually sells and have revenue
love the company...
Avvio della produzione europea del Nikola Tre il 15 settembreIl 15 settembre 2021 comincerà la storia del camion elettrico Nikola in Europa, con l’avvio delle linee d’assemblaggio nello stabilimento Iveco di Ulm. Come è noto, il costruttore europeo partecipa al marchio statunitense tramite la capogruppo CNH Industrial, mettendo a disposizione la sua competenza, parte dei componenti dello stradale S-Way, lo stabilimento di Ulm e (probabilmente) la rete di vendita e assistenza. L’unica informazione ufficiale è la data di apertura dell’impianto d’assemblaggio. Nulla si sa dell’inizio delle vendite e delle versioni del Nikola Tre offerte sul mercato europeo. Negli Stati Uniti, questo modello usa la cabina Iveco S-Way Active Space in una configurazione trattore 6x2, che in Europa potrebbe diventare 4x2.Intanto Nikola ha compiuto un passo avanti nell’uso dell’idrogeno per i suoi camion elettrici firmando accordi con Bosch per usare la tecnologia dell’azienda tedesca sulle celle a combustibile. L’intesa prevede che Nikola possa iniziare nel 2023 l'assemblaggio di questi moduli nel suo stabilimento di Coolidge, in Arizona. Bosch fornirà i componenti chiave, compresi lo stack della pila a combustibile, il compressore d'aria con l'elettronica e l'unità di controllo con i sensori. L’obiettivo è vendere il Nikola Tre a idrogeno con motori elettrici da 200 kW e 300 kW aventi un’autonomia di oltre 900 chilometri. Questo modello sarà lanciato venduto anche in Europa.