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At some point this will be a buy
Hype stock. Trading pharma stocks is tedious at best, in this case, unrewarding too. I wouldn’t bother unless I heard news of a serious covid strain - the kind that sends crude oil down at least 10-15%.
What's up with Moderna today?
Told ya.
Sc mortgage should dump this
They have high conviction in this, they believe it offers the best growth story and new drugs in the works.
Anyone interested buy for $100 in 2023 ?
come back 150 below
notify me when it's at 110
Getting close to my buying target
super good earning result
Latest NEWS about the modernagate and the fraud.
further to go i think, when the lawsuits start and the vaxx data gets revealed, it may become 0.
This message from Andy nails it.
How much Moderna stock Stephane Bancel owns and why he just sold $1.8 billion of it
take your money out of here before its too late. Are you blind? 50 % down since Dec.
Just people trying to board the pump train 🤣. Quite funny to watch people just bought anything that was covid related without thought.
BBack to 100
the plandemic is over !!! The boat skins and the rats jump.
This is my first investment which i completed yesterday. My stocks have gone down from buying in at 117 so i am going to hang in there as I don't want my first deal to be at a loss. fingers crossed that all the positive reports will equate to the price going up.
exactly rajkumar, karma exist. if you force the population to get a shot against its will , karma will punish you. thousands have died according to vaers becaue of the vax. this is not fiction is goverment data. check vaers stats.
Back to the earth, 200
you got it
Can anyone enlighten me as to why the sp is dropping?
management was try to manipulate government and People that is the reason karma always happened.
it's really annoying
Go above 300 next week
Going back to 150 soon
The trick to investing in cyclical stock (one hit wonder) is to buy when pe is high and sell when PE is at the lowest.
And do you guys think it will pull up again?