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Here come the buyers
BMW will use INPIXON technology, and will participate with 20% of the new jointventure Inpixon + XTI Aircraft by approximately 20%, entering the next revolution in air vehicles
Bumpy few months ahead until new CEO appointed. I think Looney and his emphasis on transition to green energy has done little to support the shareholder value. Hopefully the new CEO will be more grounded. Shame Bob Dudley left, if he was still CEO share price would likely be well over £6.
Bumpy ride! in my opinion the share will keep going higher, maybe a blessing him going.
Transition to green should not mean overpaying for sea bed rights for wind farms. The prices paid made no economic sense.
Now stay above 500!
If nobody is going to discuss this I won't get making further comments.
be making further comments.
Irina, share price going well today, these will go well over the next year! £5 will be a distance memory before long!
Yes they are expected to rise in the last quarter. Commentators have been saying it for months. Good luck.
Good news today but was expecting 495. Currently 477.
Hopeful of £5 some time in August.
bp will fall, you can buy at $424.00 next week.
what are you basing this on?
No, buy more as back up soon.
Wow! 5bn profit in one qtr and goes down by 5%. This is nonsensical. Inwas expecting a rise 😂
Profits were £1 billion less than the same quarter last year.
5 year high coming???
sold mine... maybe too soon but 30% is ok
sold managed to achieve a good percentage return
Could go near 1000p on Re-Rating. A broker says. Free Cash flow covers Divi payment nicely. I see upticks on Energy prices as energy shortages likely. China growth picjs up steam Q3, 2023 into 2024.
About time BP pushed through 500
480.70++ soon
Not so sure...Brent heading south at an alarming rate. If Buy Backs stop then SP will drop too.
With the Autumn Statement out, WT increase against the majors, and Brent dropping like a stone, expect BP to drift down to 450 by end of November. Buy Backs will likely cease if Brent goes below $80 however I suspec that BP will increase dividends to offset tax burden which might draw in more investors. Concerns around CGT will probably see investors slowly cash-out. Tricky corporate and private investor decisions to come.
Expect to see some profit taking today as the yearly high will mean some are break-even after a couple of years. Probably setle around 485-495 by middle of next week then climb above £5 towards Ex-Div day.
Bumper profit, shares buying back, ok some windfall tax, but still the share price should soar, no ?
Need to stay above 470 for a couple of sessions to set the support line. If we can, I see no reason why we can't hit 500 by mid to late November (subject to results).
Jan Lindsay, do you happen to know what this week's lottery numbers will be?
China easing lockdown restriction should demand creep up. BP should see a range between 460 - 490 up to YE. Debt reduction should see this higher despite the recent 'green' acquisition of £4.1Bn.
Break 468 and stay above that, then it's all the way to £5.
475 on the cards a week later than my previous prediction. Expect a price correction once 475 achieved - back to 430-450 range.
4 thumbs down but so far on point. At least have an opinion.
So classic elliot waves over the past 12 months. Need to catch the next trough.
Stay above 450 this week and then next target 475+. Achievable by w/c 29 Aug 22.
don't shorts from technical analysis BP will move from 459.10 to 510.45.today target 🎯so buy quickly. don't short. if downtrend going then strongly buy.
Nice controlled rise from the 370s in the last few weeks. Long may it continue.
Sold I'm going all in on tesla
I sold my BP and Shell shares 5/6 weeks ago and went into US technology....now just sold my US technology and put into bank.
Think tesla s going to come good