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R. I. P. Our beloved and dear Mr. Munger - a star, an icon, an enormous influence, we will be left bereft of since now, till forever, you will be missed... Rest In Peace...
50% of this is AAPL
now it's time for big company to collapse in coming years
Strong sell signal 666
Technical trading is a bad idea with this company, didn't you get the memo? Berkshire Hathway is a strictly fundamental play.
Trade in dollor index a huge profit will gain only money making today target 113.220 soon it will come in uptrend quickly buy don't short. If it goes downtrend add more quantity.
‌$MBH Corporation PLC(MBHCF)$ ‌This stock hasbeen getting pumped recently. It’s quite a promising company too, might be a mini version of BRK. Is it likely to be a good buy for portfolio?
Berkshire is amazing, alongside other growing holding companies. MBHCF and BOMN come to mind.
ORPH is next meme
Vote bullish thanks you management services
i want to buy a share
Very well nice high can some1 speak to lonmin to give me my money I want 2 trade I am sick of being poorer