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Why going down?
My favourite stock !!
Today's results will bring it down to 290 level
today 330$
Small caps are slowing growing and gaining popularity now. Should be a good buy for us
Small caps on my watchlist now. Good chance to buy?
Small caps are fundamentally strong, do noy loss hope yet
Small caps have been on my watchlist right now! Many of them have the potential like BRKB
so people come here and pump their own book or scam... priceless... in need of attention? your parents did not love you?
Shut ur darn bitch ass up as if u have parents yo
Microcaps are looking really good now despite the negative market sentiments. Mang seem to have good fundamentals. Good buy?
MBHCF has a similar model as this and went up 9% recently, could it be a good buy too?
$BOMN and $MBHCF deserve a shout. Definitely following in Berkshire's footsteps
Always been bullish on holding companies. I'm curious though, are there any small holding companies with higher growth potential worth looking at?
This is best stock to invest for long term, this stock will opposite with apple, if apple stock down, brkb will skyrock up....
Opposite of Apple ? Why ?
That makes no sense as berkshire has a 5% holding of apple.
The best stock for long term
and brk on long term?
apple goes up and Berkshire goes down I know where my money is going
The legend reduce stack on JPmorgan... share godown....but should be stay on track.
The legend reduce stack on JPmorgan... share godown....
Looks like Mr. Buffett was right again.
Typical BRK stock, huge wins in the long term but now with a lot of short term gains as well as massively undervalued. Even the legend himself is buying back his own stock..!  imho, expect some quick wins in the short term, then slow down to a long and slow gain.
Massively undervalued. Gone down as sold airline stocks. Shows good sense in current situation
What were you saying idris :)
More like 230
These should be $197 around now! ?