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Come on Argo, just another £2 ish to go and maybe I might start to grow my hair back 😁
it going to fly again
how can it get out of the pump and dump rotation?
Got to be better tham what has already happened. Got out of his depth perhaps or a cut and run or both.
Peter Wall resigns.... good or bad??
Depends if he jumped or was pushed. Pushed is a good things, jumped then it resembles his jumping ship at £2 SP suggesting he knows its not long. I hope he was pushed
Any thoughts on whether this will ever recover?
Probably back to 6 soon
Need to do some maths here. Why 6?
For those of you that have been bagholding since early 2021 and bought above 100p and some high as above 200p, when that scammer Micheal was on this forum pumping Argo, I would consider averaging down around these levels below 10 pence or early teens, but be careful. Anyway who is still holding now in 2023 ?
2 dislikes, I take it that pump and dump scammer Micheal is one of them ;-p
where is Michael?
Michael Ward I think his name was. Probably on another site or on this forum as another user pumping some other stock for his hedge fund buddies. He scattered as soon as Argo started dropping. Anyone who pumps a stock on any forum take it with a big pinch of salt. This is where retail investors gather to discuss stocks and pump and dumpers try take advantage. Anyway congrats to anyone who bought below 10p. Bitcoin seems to be on the uptick too.
Wow big rise this mornimg wish I had brought in
Any thoughts on this stock
yeah it will double in the morning
what was that based on?
Hess wasnt wrong
This trash has been suspended from trading 😒
I got out about 4 weeks ago with an 90 per cent loss. grim
Santa is giving you a 2nd chance to get out
my goodness to think of how this pumped a few years back
Seems like those who believed this and expected a business strategy were very wrong. Potts you can now eat your words
Words eaten. You still driving up to Newcastle to beat me up though 😂
However a lot of money could have been made on the hype up.
With bad news like that Im surprised its not below 5. If they cant secure funding in time this could be delisted. Very risky stock now, only for gamblers atm
Well said.
Looks like this could be an expensive learning curve for a lot of us, maybe the world isn't ready for the crypto revolution yet.
You're in the money today 💰the eternal optimist..
they had to release the RNS due to regulatory restrictions
Financial problems
This is going to zero
Patiently waiting for 10
Bitcoin has gone down and cost of electricity gone up, crypto mining companies are currently in the business of burning cash!
Very well said
Argo and Nio, I can't figure out which is worse
Very sad to see this going down. Until the management come forward and be open and transparent, there is very little hope. The only hope is btc to rise and bring some sentiments.
Management are saying "sell, sell, sell" they will sell everything plus all the BTCs to claw back profits for themselves. They do NOT CARE about us...
One small suggestion. If you have put lot money then worth buying some at very low dip. This can help you to come out quickly. Yes , it has risk if all goes to zero but it works , happy to share more knowledge if you want.
These are the sentiments of all the investors like us who are sitting with big losses. As I said previously, either wait for recovery and sentiments or exit. I still believe that some sensible decisions from the management can bring back confidence and recovery in sp. If we survive next few months, this will pay off. Can only wait for now.
PW pumped and dumped
Between my investments in Argo, Cineworld and Boohoo I have come to the conclusion my best investment has been my ****airfryer 🤦‍♂️
Guys, what would happen if this garbage goes to 0 or negative obviously we would loose all our investment but then do we owe money? When its 0 does that mean delisted?
it's possible the stock will be suspended temporarily
Tell me you shouldnt be investing, without telling me you shouldnt be investing!
You shouldnt be invetsung
useless bunch... fire them all. this is incompetence, and if I lose all of my investment I deserve it because I have invested on incompetence. don't mention BTC price, things were going south even during BTC rallies. Do your job Peter, fire them all, and resign.
Almost at my 10p target which I said back in June
Michael have nice days ahead
as well as PW. sold at peak and pocketed the profits