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despite the many challenges the industry is facing fulfilling schedules. flight are full and ticket prices are high- There is little reason for these share prices to be the same as at the height of the pandemic- most Airline stocks seem very oversold - regardless of inflation or possible recession- people will fly more than even in the next 24 months given pent up demand
This has become a bigger joker. Hopeless
This company is a joke. Denmark and UK already skipped testing. Meaning super positive rally for airlines.
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short squezeeeee
Worst airline stock 😡
you would make your spamming slightly more convincing if you could spell the word 'impatient'.
Worst airline stock
Best stock i have ever seen
Worse than Citygroup prediction of 21.50 👎🏻👎🏻
Worst of tge worst airline
Weakest airline stock 🤬
Vote Bullish
Better run, dont fall into bull trap
Worstestest airline stock
Worst airline stock among all America airlines
This is the worst airline stock
Green back Thanks you
low price
start to fly
27 incoming
good company
futcher company
Atc sky are still quite empty..
21$ near or far?
funds are buying