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What happened??
Still downtrend
Bullish thanks you
why price drop down after support government
I also cant think!!! Is there any bad news?
It is possible because of the news of the new wave of the advanced virus and the closures in Europe and European airports, which could have a direct impact on the whole world, despite the US government support.
Now it is being increased
ready to fly price ✈✈
Seems to be having resistance at 22-24 if or better said when it breaks that again I believe they will be in serious trouble.
the thing is that no one knows when people will travel again. with high maintenance and operational costs it's more likely that 1 of the big US airlines will probably go bust and all will need further bailout from the government
Seems like this was a good call.
The resistance bit was a good call at least. But the serious trouble bit, at this snapshot in time, is looking like a less good call. And up 12% pre-market currently as well. I must admit this looks a bit like a premature rally, but I'll take it.
let it drop back to below 15 level
Bought at 27Do you guys suggest to hold untill todays meeting?
this stock will be up by 30% end of year
Really? Why do you think that
This company deserves it. Hopefully it will worth almost nothing so that the CEO will repent. :)