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he is good
Need skills on this
Hi can anyone teach me about this
Lesson 1 Buy Low. Sell High.
Haha earned and burning snapping necks and cashing cheques
500 €
can someone teach me about stocks im so confused I want to get in to them, yet to make money to afford to buy stocks I just wanna know the basics, I'm 16
Turn 18 first or ask one of your parents to let you do that
The new generation wants to make easy money but no work...
Youtube Warren Buffett and learn from that guy. Worlds best investor
please May I know how to start I
🧗‍♂️2, 400
2,400 + soon today its recovery mode today buy on downside
don't shorts from analysis shel will move from 2308 today target 🎯2450.40 so buy quickly. from technical analysis. so strongly buy.
I'd have expected a decline back to 1900's range with declining oil price and the threat of punitive taxation under labour in 2 years time.
tax is alrady 65% but if you are taxing those who control the price......look at gas price.
Mi primera inversión con la Sra. Melissa R. Gonzalez me dio $210,300 de un $60k y eso me ha hecho invertir sin miedo a perder, tengo cuatro de mis amigos que la recomiendan y están obteniendo ganancias al igual que yo. Dios bendiga a la Sra. Melissa. Puede comunicarse fácilmente con la Sra. Melissa en 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅼: @melissa617 para problemas relacionados con criptografía.
shell will always be number one because the with many things.
It is in the buy list of ytd trade app. Bull is coming i guess
My best performer this year so far. Still much growth to come.
I ❤