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This business is buying back 10% of its stock each year, has 900m in cash and no debt.
Good business supported with buybacks every day
oops legal case in Israel going back to brexit vote in 2016
Seen this case in the news. surprised no RSN.
Careful folks, plusp may release profit warning like cmcx
looks like Plus have different business than CMC or at least better at running it
It fell 36% in one day back in 2019....due to profit warning. All online brokers have the same risk.
The thing with investing in cyclical stock is to make sure to get out before quarterly financial results. Otherwise one is just gambling.
bought back 14.20
59c makes 43p Ex Div today
took profits @ £15.40
Little book that beats the market directed me to this share. Solid Return on assets and excellent earning’s yield. One of best balance sheets around given the current climate.
I think Crypto must be good for profits. I do not use Plus500 but interested to know can UK retail still buy & sell crypto?
Retail are now banned from trading crypto in UK. They can only hold or sell existing positions.
Good buying folks. 2021 will be a stellar year for Plusp. Q4 result is way beyond analysts' expectation
for the end of Sep. target 1700?
Time to buy on a dip: sharp increase in first half earnings and dividends and a new share buyback programme.
a lot of people winning because in the past few months, the trajectory is simple, UP and UP, with some minor fluctuation, but i think in the next quarter if peoples doesn't upgrade their trading skills, plus500 might take back all the money they lost in this quarter.
Looks like bearish momentum has ran out of steam. Should be making move upwards over the month.
Sorry guys. I feel I should apologise, I just bought this stock at £13.36. I buy, it sinks further. Story of my life.
Unlike its rivals, Plus500 does not generally hedge its customer trades. This means it loses money when its customers win, and vice versa, which has contributed to a history of fluctuating fortunes for the business. Q2 numbers show that revenues had surged to $249m (£197m), only for that figure to be slashed to about $102.5m because of payouts to customers who had placed winning bets. So in a single week they lost the best part of $105m or, said differently, three fifths of the money that they would have otherwise earned in the entire 13 week quarter. On a positive note, the company has attracted 100,000 new customers in the second quarter of 2020. Additionally, had it not been for the losses sustained in the week of 5th June the income would have been 250% higher. So if business remains robust and the company can better manage its risk in coming quarters, the results are likely to be significantly better than this time. That will be reflected in a better share price. I am long this stock
seems to have stabilised, wonder if there retaining punters, could be a good buy opportunity, small amounts.
I dont trust this company! It will go lower...
Preliminary results are issued on the 12th Feb.