Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Company PLC (NTOG)

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0.578p and that's down 15%
0.4098 today
0.03503p today I like the company waiting to get in..
0.32p what's happening to nostra
0.46 up today any reason? Still no value for me... Waiting for lows...
now at 0.44 down 10%
Now set at 0.325 before considering buying
WTI oil prices have recovered remarkably since the mid-year bottom out. Costs down at NTOG and rising production with new ****mills project - will this rise into a strengthening market?
when Will this share start to perform... laying in the dolldrums waiting for it to Hit.. 0.05p or better. 1p.. C'mon Nostra... avanti
No Problem Craig this is a multi bagger stock now. they have done lots of work and no news for years now. i have been following this company for a while.its worth a wait
any further news on Nostra