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Alphabet Inc is the truth ownership database used by Microsoft company as a bullish investor not just investor but investor ownership in Microsoft company asset’s running in market capitalism under trillions dollars as bullish ownership.
shares buying rush can be seen soon for a new ATH soon
Great news soon we will hear and Microsoft will cross 340.90 today
321 support?
Buy it for Jackpot...It will shoot towards 370 within 1 week
crash is on the way. The effect of the great depression and it's fear. The race for selling started
people realise and search for exit when 300 broken down as the great depression is on the way and already planted
told earlier will fall like a water but no believe now see itself
how do we use this app please
how do we use this app please
people realise when 300 broken down
please refund my money
meeting at white house... if gov restricts AI... it's downfall for amzn, Google, Microsoft
buy it . May be it will touch 335 very soon
Good to buy today?
MS team, Ai MS office,and azsur is a remarkable software. organisation preferred choice .
Sells the most useless products since time began. Shoud be $0
Azure, AI, github?
short sell for $2-3 gain...cmp 273
closing will be around 252.2
to $250.00 🔙
Bad revenues, a little better EPS. it should be neutral and not 5percent up!
EPS -4.67
I sold my holdings yesterday as I didn't want to 'gamble' on earning beat. Looking to get back in again at 220 or lower
Technically it's new yields journey's to get there's around the estimate hour's reached it's
golden among the other NAS shares.
Back 🔙 to $230.00 and higher 👆. Very strong 💪
Back 🔙 to $230.00 and higher 👆. Very strong 💪 🔙 to $230.00 and higher 👆. Very strong 💪