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The world no 1 processor come with Ai build in
A good news a head next week, analysis cut tp by this week, well play rofl
Could this be the catalyst
Never write off intc
hallelujah ,glad I bought at 26
stupid poor stock
The Q1 result has been debated a lot, I hope the earnings will recover after clearing the inventory
Insane to see Intel at this price. Chance of a lifetime.
This company faces enormous competition and has performed very poorly
I would not write of Intel. Once their foundry is up and running. The sp will be easily double from here. There is limited downside already
Still not buying this yet. It could touch low 20s I think
Missed the boat?
We will not see the bottom until 27 October 2022 , everything depends on the products demand
got in on around 26 hopefully this is bottom
Patiently waiting for 28-30.
Good call Ken...
Moving at the rate of more than 1.1mn shares per minute - the battle has started!
I would so BUY! BUY! BUY! This right now - won't leverage but buy with cash...
Calling starting point of short squeeze battle here - an oversold stock getting sold even more, just the right recipe for whales to enter squeeze...
going to the drain
going to the drain
Almost die but still reject pay for doctor
Waiting for 30s, still too expensive for this old dinosaur
With new factories, intel will become a growth stock.
When is the ex/divident date ? When it will be paid ?
4th of February and will be paid at 1/3/2022
if I buy before 4th Feb and hold on 1 March do I get dividend? pls let me know if you can.
just buy and hold until 4 Feb after 4feb you can sell and you still paid dividend at 1 march
Drop some more.
this stock is a treasure to hunt ...who buy it will be rewarded.
Alderlake is a first gen - somewhat a failed chip considering the power consumption and heat generation. It will serve as a prototype for future generations. But Alderlake, unfortunately, won't make it...
alderlake cpu will get great reviews and intel will be back in the running of the best chip