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Looks lime , we see the 2.500 again !
Same level November  2020, not bad.
A little bit more, and we are on full COVID Pandemic Levels !??? Something going on, or someone know more than the folks !??
Gotta be s good buy safe dividend and done upside now surely
you would think so.
Smoking a classic investmen in war time. jJeffrey Eker.
Is the North Korea fine factored in to the price?
Can somebody tell me … why it drop?
Time to buy!!
Panic selling
30.55 what's going on?? dividend at risk?
No dividend risk. Upcoming annual report will account for loss of business in Russia. Zacks report still portrays BAT as being in good health and a growth stock.
I keep buying more
Just got my quarterly dividend, where else you getting 6.55%?
ITV coming next month, great buy at this price
11.99% at Rio Tino?
hi sir
Good cashflow, good profits, rock solid dividend and resistent to inflation and recession. No wonder people are piling into tobacco.
3079.00 when to buy in?
Hard day to own shares, harder day for those in Ukraine. Surely tobacco is a fairly safe haven in times of war for your money?
Looks like investors are turning to tobacco as a safe haven for their money with inflation here to possibly stay. Solid cashflow, solid profit and solid dividends.
BATS divi yield is currently 7.7%. With the onset of rotation to value stock, assuming 5% would be acceptable return to investors and this implies BATS has an upside of nearly 40% from current price of around 3,000p
Wrote on 30 March that my longterm TP is around 3800. This is a buy and hold stock and you are rewarded with sumptuous dividend in the meantime.
hello sir i want to learn trading online can u teach me pls
Is it time to buy BATS today ahead of the December dividend date?
Not with the market in freefall....I am cash ready.
So what in your opinion IS the BUY in level
word was blxxdy
the ********wife has it anyway thinks it free money
the cost of a share depends on its fundamentals not its price on any particular day.If its a good company its day to day fluctuations are imiterial.There is neither a good or bad price to buy in at,you buy on what you think its worth not a crystal ball price.I payed 27 but have been more than compensated by the divi and its nearly time for the next one a 1000 every quarter suits me and I ignore the price.
2591.00p way too high for me
now 3,421 so you missed the bounce I guess
2599.00p tipped as a great DIVI stock But too high to get in at this level..will.wait for the PC crowd and lack of support before buying in...