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Financial figures state 12$ per share per sept quarter… Dec21 quarter 8$ per share per quarter… simple math shows this stock is worth at least 300$.
Think long, this is 270Euro value stock
The drop in price has no logical explanation! This company is producing best vaccine that will long live with humanity. Its fair value today is 270 Euro! Investors are throwing away a good opportunity by selling!
Price crash due to fake news of Pfizer CEO arrest? Huge buy opportunity right now.
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Big buy now!
Good news FDA had authorised extra dose vaccine!
Not quite! Authorisation is restricted to the severely immunocompromised
3rd fose covid vaccine
latest news. FDA reported to give full approval of Pfizer covid vaccine by Labor Day.
Could this stock reac $1000?
Saving the world. Moreover, Still very bullish, indicators: Ichimoku, MFI, OBV, MA, etc. Good week. VIX = minimums (1 Y). Have a nice week!
funny how some of these companies floated just before the crash...
200 euros tonight
Any prediction for tommorow?
Thanks you management services. Bullish
Any idea why price of Pfizer is dropping but BioNTech is rising
Could be sale deals in europe for vaccines but since pfizer gives high antibodies as reported in the news yesterday it should go up again this coming month.
target 130 💪🏼
vaccine is not working
Vaccine is working as I know !?
 yeah It is working. Benny is just manipulating mate
Your education isn't working
Any idea why the price is dropping everyday?
Possibly because of alergic reactions to the vaccine shown by approx 10 patients. Alternatively the new variant in UK is scaring people that the vaccine will no longer work
No idea. I am asking this question myself. And all other values going up. Guess speculation phase sith vaccine has reached its limits
Definitely profit taken. No other better news after approval , same as Moderna.
BioNTech Says Can Make Mutation-Beating Vaccine In 6 Weeks Covid-19 Vaccine: "Scientifically, it is highly likely that the immune response by this vaccine also can deal with the new virus variant," said Ugur Sahin.
Any ideas on price?
Not Bad. It could fall somewhere between 104-106 in short term. But profitable in long run. (Not an investment advice)
Good for long term. ❤️
Goood for you ..
Hmmmmmm🤔Data looks strong to me. 150 soon
Aged like milk.
This is the Juice
This is the Juice
-8% speaks volumes about the apparent vaccine lol