Natural Gas Futures - Jul 22 (NGN2)

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  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    8.928 - 9.149
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Energy
  • Unit:1 Mmbtu

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  • I reloaded again, as this was the area I said to add shorts. SL above todays high, profits galore to be taken today 🍻
    • what do you think Del? I missed out on closing my shorts as I was in a work meeting so still have them open. Do you think I should leave them open and add more shorts around here or just stick with the ones I already have open. I have capacity to add more, just not sure if this will pop up and hit SL
    • Sonam it broke a tad higher than I expected, I was expecting to see 3.93 break today. My SL been moved above 4.0 now, I have added more shorts as I see more down. I have taken profits twice today now, lets try and get hattrick lol
    • Thanks Del! How do manage to stay on top of it with work? Literally had all of 10 mins to look at the charts today. Doesn't help with precision trades