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If it falls at least 5% tomorrow, i’ll give up.
-0,38 remaining to hit 2,20. SHORTs increased.
Bought for 2,531 we will see
The other thing to consider about this leaked information is last week US had snow and was very cold weather so this might be true..!
Doesn’t matter if report is extra bullish. It will go down anyways.
thats fine but i dont trade onr direction, i trade both up and down!
4 hours looks like we might close at 2624  Have a good evening
 if we close above 2593 we will go to 2600 straight away
its not stop killing bulls every day its down what did you see?
Note that today's volume is already more than the total daily volume of 90% of the 2023 days.
I heard a leak (not confirmed) that tomorrow's inventory will be very bullish and they shorted the market to make retailers exit and buy tomorrow at higher prices. Just an unconfirmed info.
thanks you so much, good luck appreciated your comments always
I gave an unconfirmed leak to add to the info given. I said is unconfirmed but may justify what happened today.
i heard the same thing!!
Horrible fall
ng first earn then Pay Charges 93O1113887
POLL – US natural gas stockpiles seen down 105 bcf in week ended Dec. 1
Early profit-taking gains paredWeather provides lackluster supportCash markets up on weather, pipeline issues
ng first earn then Pay Charges 93O1113887
No Demand
Is anybody know what the reason it's going down?
Because some LNG plant that supposed to open in 2024 is being delayed now ! Thats the reason apparently
so one more time, a big shott
next two expiry ng will go down to test 5 year low 1.600
Note that intraday reversal of downtrend will be closing above 2.592
2.472 tomorrow, then up
Guys, Checking monthly Candlestick Chart of Natural gas over past 10 years, found it has fallen Month on Month Basis,95% it has fallen in December & January
Exactly what I'm saying there is no winter in NG trading its all about positioning of big players follow the trend not what one's beliefs
2.503 bottom
Basic rule of trading: Sell when its falling with SL, Buy when its rising with SL
For those believing in support levels there is a major one at 2.545. I increased my longs at these levels and at 2.53 I will hedge with a short if it goes there
Why people can’t sell and make money. Why always depend on buy then cry
this month ng 160 rupees.
soja bc
I'm glad I sold at 2.92 after being in since 2.84! haven't touched NG since! it's ridiculous!