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Bonds Analysis & Comment

Jeroen Blokland
The Greek Miracle? By Jeroen Blokland - Feb 14, 2020

Greece’s 10-year bond yield has dropped below 1% for the first time on record. Less than eight years ago, Greek bond yields spiked to as much as 45%, as the country very nearly perished in the...

Michael Hewson
Bond Markets Point To Stagnation In Europe By Michael Hewson - Dec 20, 2019

Just over a year ago the US Federal Reserve had just raised rates for the fourth time against a backdrop of rising concern that they were moving too fast in normalising monetary policy at a time when...

Jeroen Blokland
Bond Yields Are On The Rise By Jeroen Blokland - Dec 19, 2019

The US 10-Year Treasury yield is up to 1.92%, edging closer to the 2% threshold it hasn’t been able to reach since July. In Germany, the 10-Year bond yield has risen to -0.25% from as low as...

Joe Perry
Do 10-Years Have What It Takes To Reach 2.00%? By Joe Perry - Nov 12, 2019

The US bond market is closed today in recognition of Veteran’s Day, so this is a good time to take a look at yields and try and determine where they may be headed next. The Fed is on hold (so...

Jeremy Grime
Daily Grime - Bonds; Forex By Jeremy Grime - Nov 05, 2019

Bonds It seems the best time to be long of bonds was 1981, when few pension funds were. Now would not seem to be a good time to be long of bonds. In 2000, in aggregate 70% of UK pension funds were...

Jeroen Blokland
Duration Can Also Work Against You By Jeroen Blokland - Oct 30, 2019

Bond yields have been going up lately, with the United States 10-Year Treasury yield rising to above 1.83%, up from 1.50% in early October. The German bund is up to -0.34% from below -0.70% in early...

Joe Perry
Another Look At The U.S. Yield Curve By Joe Perry - Oct 23, 2019

In early September, we discussed how the yield curve briefly turned negative. The yield curve we referenced was the difference between the US 10-year yield and the US 2-year yield. Why was this such...

Jeroen Blokland
Watching Recession Indicators By Jeroen Blokland - Oct 23, 2019

The US 10Y-2Y yield curve inverted in August which, based on historical data, means a US recession should be expected somewhere in the second quarter of 2021. Other indicators that have a pretty solid...

Jeroen Blokland
A USD 4 Trillion Move By Jeroen Blokland - Oct 22, 2019

Global bond yields have been rising recently, thanks to progress on two yield-depressing events: Brexit and the US-China trade war. The ECB possibly reaching peak monetary easing may have contributed...

John Burford
Are U.S. Interest Rates Really Going Higher? By John Burford - Sep 22, 2019

Last week the ECB and Fed did their monthly thing by getting hordes of analysts scurrying around trying to guess what they would do. In the end, nothing much changed. The Fed was forced to bring the...

John Burford
Are We Back To Melt-Up? By John Burford - Aug 30, 2019

August is traditionally a volatile month in the stock markets – and this one is no exception. Already we have seen five large waves of 1,000 pips in the Dow up and down this month. As I noted...

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