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Buy now
Lol your leader Tony his thrash
A piglet
Buy now EOD 16070+ , 16180 16250 coming soon
I got two phones the other one has pot head account and I don't know passwords of both of them , when I get a new phone I create a new account with a different name and still forget the password lol , this phone I'm using now was lost I just found it now , yea my house it's that big
economy slowing obviously seen as good news LMAO
keep buying as you walk into the fire
I said it will take about 2 days for everyone to forget there's a war...actually it took only one. How crazy is that? Today's bear scenario: drop to 15850 bull scenario: it goes past 16050 and bounces back down. Either way it's guaranteed to be a few hundred pips above current level by Jan first week.
Pot pot lol
Jan keep helping them to blow their accounts lol
Pot Pot youre funny Demoman! Lol
You been selling forever don't compare me with you
Buy now
saying again, be careful of taking short, don't use big lots due to super bullish monthly and weekly patterns. if you a bear, which I am to 15550, try using managed lots.
If we dont see 15500 by CPI or just after then we end the year 16200 range as lab has said previously
Pigs stay roasted, bulls way road to 16700, up we go
Dont buy now
I start to believe those who always call out shorts they on a demo account so bulls its unnecessary to mad on dislikes, just laugh on them, be like me
As I said stay long till 16180, 16250 as for 16700 it's coming soon before the end of the year
Doge party, enjoy
goldilocks is going to regret sleeping in baby bears bed today
Bulls better TP now ! Last chance
Lets have Barbecueparty with roasted Bullsteak
Morning friends ! Skiparty starts today⛷️⛷️⛷️⛷️
papa bear going to eat goldilocks today lol
Now time to sell again⛷️⛷️⛷️top of channel
yeah the only word this market knows is goldilocks
You want me to talk sweet? you like listen to sweet talk? LOL.