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Ltd accepts any liability
Without a real additional significant sale the price will not climb to EUR100 target
the sale of the US portfolio is coming, and it will be close to book value (while the stock trades at a 60% discount to NAV) also: the stock price has been lifted massively by shortcovering coupled with stake-building by the new corporate riders (Xavier Neil and allies)
currently trades at 25% to last offical NAV value of end of June 2022 ... incredible... I agree with Joao, they need to sell ( in the US to that bring LTV below 40%) and then price can jump ...
still shortclosing. 30% of freefloat was shorts on the 13 november.
21% increase today.
finally, today's press release: Rejection of the resolution delegating authority to the Management Board for the purpose of issuing ordinary shares of the Company with preferential subscription rights.
road to 100 € with a vaccine, the stupid capital increase is no longer necessary even this abject management can see that
The management are nuts, value-destroying and incompetent
https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/09/16/2094753/0/en/Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield-URW-announces-a-9-0-Bn-RESET-plan-to-strengthen-its-balance-sheet-and-increase-financial-flexibility-to-execute-its-long-term-strategy-and-provides-update.html massive capital increase announced
will bull soon, more than 30%