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Show business industry on strike, higher subscription prices & a very rocky economic climate. I'm very surprised this went vertical !
Buy at 220
Bought at 399.50
Sold at 482
I believe all sectors would plummet 10% - 20% before a rebound
Good buying opportunity
not yet! 360/370 would be more appetising.
Why you think, it will drop up to 360/370?
why you think it will drop up to the 360/370
Don't you just laugh out loud at all the Indians who are negative on all stocks. If you look at comments on Tesla and pretty much any stock the Indians are all doomsayers. I think either they're paid to short or scare monger people by others who are big players and need the stocks to drop. Nilesh pundhar, Netflix going to 700 by October.
now check today my target
CMP 438...... positional Target 389
Do you think it comes to 700 ?
400 tomorrow
200 incoming
330 are the highest
This is a company who's entire business leads people into sin. It kills people spiritually which is much worse than tobacco companies have ever done.
but its peoples choices you can't just blame netflix
20! Max! 😎
back to 340 soon
keep buy positions till end of next week, after this will drop back down.
No it'll drop from right here to 330 and fill that gap it created on the upside today. Then buy it back for longer term.
any thoughts on this hitting 340 tomorrow?
pure gamble , 50/50
it did
deep technical chart soon it will come to 330.20 buy on current point
If they criminalise password sharing it's a positive because the person paying for it will keep their account open and the 4 friends piggy backing by using his or her password is not a revenue losing effect because they were never legitimate paying customers to begin with and most likely at least 2 of the 4 may well decide to actually subscribe it's potentially a huge revenue driving impetus. Just think, going to give guys 3 times a month instead of 4 and paying for a Netflix subscription gets you a whole month of wonderful entertainment.
Going down 👇 to $200
Time to sell.... Wait until $180
200 🔜⛳🔭
Kindly review my previous comment! Going to 20 USD!!! Best off 20!!! If not below!!! 😎😎😎
should i hold or sell
sell now?