Brent Oil Futures - Feb 24 (LCOG4)

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stop trading and investment in commodities otherwise nothing will be saved
Trade all cryptocurrency with +447÷3992÷56625 with good profits.
going down for the 72!!
soon 60 by next month or even this month
Looking that way..
Hopefully have a bullish candle close today.
Technical bounce is imminent - oversolde on all time frames. Close short positions
dropping to 72, we'll see it between today and tomorrow!
coming to 60. Recession fear clear though some bounces between there
commodity mkt mein only downtrend rahta hai most of the time I a trading year
Now onwards you can see Bulls.
when it will start. recession fear is clear in mkt especially in commodity mkt
79.5 reached now
up or down
79.5 from here
60 is coming as bulls are dead
I am still here as I bought pe after booking loss in ce
PE , CE ??
then you should not be here to just give Gyan when u don't know pe and ce in mkt
BC bulls me koi ijjaz hai ya bsdk mar gye sale
this drama will go till 2024. App ki vajah se loss mein a gaya hu
from 84.59 same day it fell below 81. I stopped options and future trading as already suffered headache and losses
bulls did same thing in october from 97 to 78 one way fall
sara premium gala diya is range bound movement ne
trading 8s westage of money and time. Peaceful life is totally destroyed whether earning or losing both are harmful due to disturbance of mental peace
all commodities are similar as just fall very badly and gain earned in months wiped out completely in few hours in same trading sessions
in profit and now in loss due to my app was not working properly
why it is falling so badly from almost 85 to nearby 82
I have noticed in few yrs of my experience that at the end on month there is hardly upward movement 8n stocks and commodities just keep holding its present position and people get trapped in trading
people talk about technicals but * have seen that even something is so bullish and just one bad news make lose whole gains in few days
low demand for china venazuela production higher low crude price
up or down?
gir-girke sala 60 pe a jayega
gir-girke sala 60 pe a jayega