US 500 Cash (US500)

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    4,019.8 - 4,040.6
  • 52 wk Range:
    3,490.5 - 4,817.9

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              • As per technical chart 📊 and software signal in dollor index 106 level was became very weaker suddenly it will break and go to 105 level
                • Guys India 🇮🇳 is also good relationship with our country and there nifty 50 is heavy bullish buy ce at 18350 target will 18500/18550/18600 recommend to buy in Nifty 50 index.
                  • 20 % down 👇 5% interest rate will not allow be profitable to US business. Don't be naive. Tesla stock for $150.00 ....
                    • no any fear from Russian and Ukraine war because market already discounted this type of activities all the index it will go higher.