Nikkei 225 Mini Futures - Jan 24

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just relook it again, big volume at 32000, per my experience, it would not crash, just lower down for jump for ATH
Time for the waterfall action
Easy index.. either one way up or down for weeks...
will this fall from here?
This is a reversed way dude..
Just one way everyday? Ridics
This is almost one way up
boj sleeping.... their finance minister sleeping.....yen dead....see position of gbpjpy and eurojpy
They are sleeping and dont care about yen
why it's green while it's currency almost dead
buy FROM 32,300 target 32,800,32,900,33000
Rate hike was done need proper price correction 32,300 soon
target hits now chart pattern turns bullish
chart turning positive buy from 32,450 sl- 32,400 tgt 32,700
Fu.. k Nikkei nonsense, stupid
it's seems tomorrow will be 33,200
Come to positive very soon
32,500 is strong bulls support
yes ,33k hit soon
32,700 to 33,400 range uptrend
33,000 +
great thanks
Wow, it just wong stop rising!
Need to be cool down nekkei sell on rise
Now, chart turns high negative sides be sales position holding target 31,400.40 soon..
big trader told nifty fall so buyer sl tight water fall start 31700 below
31,000 very fast downtrend soon sell all JP225