Nikkei 225 Futures - Mar 24

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31600 hit soon
3.70 sell limit your Capacity targat 3.65 -3.62-3.60
Target achieved today let's back to 31,800 today for position confirmation
31,800 soon sell fast
go to 10 k within 12 months
target done sell fast 32,540 will hit soon
What is nikkei future trading hours?
32100 downside and buying point also 32100,sl 32050
31,880 !!!!
dump is coming soon red
Big fraud scam is going from bullish side on JP225 sell 240 points downside soon visible
Md Oyasim Akram
ukrain attacked on russia's main port , fear of retaliation
Lets breake below 30K
can consider watch overview hang seng HK50. Crazy outperforming breakout 20000 - let enjoy it.
the great HK50 performing today. . .
32500+ soon buy
31000 coming
Enjoy the free fall
Sell now and hold
Avoid this index complete joke.
shoe on the other foot you hold on to those longs until 13k ??
Sky rocket
Buy now
!!!! 31,500 Monday!!!! book profit