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Relations portfolio related News improved community sentiments bullish trading volume businesses ties 20% growth tremendous futures needs
wrong comments
220 points positive move upside and close will be 26,560 buy please buy a huge profit you will get.
From deep technical analysis it should move upside only buy on deep strong move upside level 26,500
it's act like top level movement ready up
Today Christmas rally will be jp225 targets 🎯 upside 26,850 only buying today don't fell in any wrong ❌comments. all global markets are huge positive sign.
Diffuser blends diffusion dispersions totality caused
Airport's Mixed Building stance's get done ✅ keys community bullish trading volume sentiments Maxwell's Buildings Apartment's 2023
225 points to soar above limit's allocated materials resources given swift convenience planning taken place only accident might occur implications upon once caused 2023 January better celebration's concessions Tomorrow's bigger catchment area layout's
26,890 soon
target are only upside movement only
let's buy in nekkei again target for upside 26500/26700/26870 quickly soon
27200 upside soon
let's buy in nekkei targets for upside 26,435/26,600/26,700 quickly
let's buy in nekkei targets for upside 26,300/26,450/26,500
Today uptrend only target 26,500
sell over now buying time for geen closing.
recovery soon
Jp225 technical charts it should move from here to upside journey big green green candle generate. 27600 target 🎯 upside
jp225 27100 no any doubt
Nekkei any times it will fell down at 27600.40 levels sell nekkei no more buying
Today is Powell's day, its better either book profit or have a tight stop loss in place before 1830. Mkt may react sharply in either downtrend direction after his speech.
Asian market, Eropean market, china market all are selling dollor index very deep gap down
China recorded 3,624 new confirmed cases, of which 63 were imported and 3,561 were locally transmitted (1,168 in Guangdong, 957 in Beijing, 209 in Chongqing, 177 in Sichuan, 164 in Henan, 144 in Yunnan, 135 in Shanxi, 90 in Inner Mongolia, 59 in Shandong,
29000 these weeks bullish sentiment again GDP achievable
Strong buy daily bullish sentiment again uptrend further towards year high