MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (MXC)

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    0.012 - 0.013
Trading near 52-week Low

MGC Pharma has hit the lowest price it has traded for over the last year (52 week period). This is a technical indicator that can be used to analyze the stock's current value and predict future price movement.

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  • OMG at these levels I've had to buy another 10k shares, I now hold 70k here and man does the future look bright for this company. Anyone who hasn't done their DD on this needs to ASAP. Clear road map ahead and the company will be at break-even by the end of H1 21, Orders are being scaled up and the Co still has access to 9.5mill debt facility! This is a long term winner here, holding for gold and buying up these small dips. Not advice but my personal views, check out over at LSE and read the detailed posts from Ehsan and check out the previous RNSs
    • Just bought after doing DD looks a good company going forward.
    • Absolutely, this is a great time to get in, I really can't believe it's at this price still. So many positives and this company director is very well connected with many years experience in pharmaceuticals. I'll eat my words if don't see a significant increase, may just have to wait for the financial predictions in March. I'm happy either way as it gives me longer to top up... hoping to top up my holding to 100k shares once some more funds clear, I just hope the price remains where it is for payday on Friday.
    • loltastic at 2.59p