Dow Jones Futures - Jun 22

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  • Day's Range:
    31,374.00 - 31,417.00

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  • Morning friends, looking at charts, this is technically fifth attempt to cross 34.8 resistance. Moving average is acting as a good support at 34.5. It has more gas then it might come across. Rejection again means 34.5 and crossing resistance means 35.2. I am long all this week and waiting for my target. Good luck all and may the force be with you
    • Hemant good luck, fully agree and trading the same as u
    • it's the longest time trading below MA 150. and not confident it's able to break. on the other hand 34660-40 is turning into exhausted support.
    • it has to cross above MA and hold above, just time. It's has given up trying to break below 600 now