Dow Jones Futures - Mar 24

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33209 monday
But first kiss if 34200
34,200 will be closing
End of days for stocks. The bull run is OVER!!
what bull run
buy zone starts from 33765 for me. will also buy from 33600 and have a SL in 33393. TP will be 35296
Expect a temp pullback today, befire anither leg down. I can imagine a proce ti kiss 34235 and around that range return back down for new minimums
Hi mam Trading karte ho
Finished target 34100 closing all short all are enjoyed with huge money
80 points more downside 34100 will be closing
Huge crash coming in this POS!
34500 coming ..
Hey..wr is Azeem. said 35 plus
The easiest short you'll ever do right here! POS!
no hesitation in selling I think globally the great depression suffered everyone mentally and we all know our financial condition how crucial time we are in. The great depression can be felt, it is not item of vision.
Let FED have no influence in future to rise interest any how
Keep shorting the hell out of this POS. 30000 inbound!
for Ready 34500 Today
which one ??
Nothing to worry . Dow will close in positive today .
i hope so bro
Fed pushes...US economy into... recession....
market will react beyond as per our expectations
Unemployment rate today will tank this even further.. id be careful today
no 1 cheater us
34,100 soon
you are a b c d learning student of market
what's happens I don't know A B C D lol
taking out Indian equity anyhow as risk increasing and the fall can be greater than in 2008-2010