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russia, hamas all people invest btc this reason up war fear
hello dislikers now btc going to sleep mode till next year don't chase it's time our baby sleeps in sideways got some good money it's choppy cutting time stop loss hunter activated
Best UK crypto exchange you guys are using?
Swissborg is a great exchange low fees , fast and easy
Not a UK's Swiss
Whats difference u can still use it in uk
buy full margin
If u did u should heve some nice money
obviously yes dude enough for partying this and next year
many more people will lose money again as being stupid and geeky...
Trust me bro people losing money ALL THE TIME
Bring out the Branston
RSI Is At 85+ On 4H
Sell @ 41600...TP: 35000......SL:43500
Small Winnings Make Fortune Don't Use Big Lotts