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Zahid Ur next suggestion.
Dear Guy, my buy target was 1880 and selling was 1890. Both have achieved. I had suggested to buy only if index is closed above 1891 today. My followers have sold out all stock on 1890 and no buying call yet.
What would level would you suggest for the buying call
where is Zahid
you are joking
Hold sell till monday london
gold sell 5 lot..pls advise
copper 3.7322 sell 100 lot target 3.72-3.70 break 3.65-3.62-3.60
manipulators wants to eat the money of real traders
1785 is the new target
1600 by Dec 23
Buy now.
1850 by
dollor create new hig gold nd silver sell
copper sell limit 500 lot capacity any ?
Dear Guys, if market is closed today above 1891, then You will see 1915 on Monday.
long positions above 1864.00 with targets at 1878.00 & 1884.00 in extension. rebound rsi is bullish and calls for further upside
Again my target 1890 is achieved. Enjoy trading
what's your next target? up or continuation of cycle low?
monday 56800 or 58800
by Next Friday 55000
zahid you will soon die.
I am ready, if you are happy
1907 +BY today..
Gold is flying with level of 1920 to 1980 next days..
wait for 1800
Dear Guys, if market is above my support.1880, then it is safe and no need to sell on loss. You will see high index on Monday. Gold is good at this stage. Best of luck
copper sell 723.3 lot 10 target 720.2
1900+ today
how explain
Gold and silver near support zone..
support at 1800
1900 +Today
how would a government shut down affect gold prices...up it goes