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yamen join the war and agressive
don't buy only sell 61500,61000,60500
war in palestine getting seriuos
Till 2028...tgt given 1988...hahaha.... toxicity overloaded...where is dislikers hahaha
one minet
3500 next 5 years
precious gold.
Gold will hit 1200 and 900 $ next 12 to 18 months time frame.
I have been in this room 3 years longer than any one have seen many heroes come and go.
1800 coming
it's totally manipulated game on Friday investing shows 2072 closing while the actual closing is 2091, then in mrg its shows huge gap up, seller afraid for continuing the position, and in evening Ballon brush.
where are all who was saying 2200-2300
Gone to get a loan
What is the support target
where is 2200/2300...hahaha... toxicity overloaded....come on dislikers...hahaha still 2045
a chance to get in low...
clear sell
wait 2060
saurabhy what happened?
Luiz what happened?
Good luck in the new Trading week. free Palestine!
2100+ closing gold today??
All r given 2200/2300 HAHAHA.... toxicity overloaded... first 1988...come on dislikers hahaha
Sir tumara bhi 2098 se 2149 gaya ese bagar sl se to bda loss ho jai
I lost huge money 15000 doller
say bye to today's ATH for awhile..for now
hahaha...looked at the chart dislikers..hopefully ur acc has not burnt now!!!