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Timothy Fries

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Timothy Fries is the co-founder and CFO of The Tokenist, as well as a Partner of Protective Technologies Capital, a niche-focused, boutique private equity firm. He's been an active investor in public and private markets his entire life. Tim is passionate about helping others optimize their wealth creation in a risk-adjusted manner. His goal with The Tokenist is to help translate the most sophisticated and transparent portfolio construction strategies and management tools to non-professional investors. Tim finds it frustrating that most financial advisors don't recommend the same modern portfolio theory strategies that sophisticated institutional investors like endowments and pension funds utilize. A cynic might suggest this is because advisors can't charge a percentage-based fee on assets like real estate, VC/PE, crypto, etc. that aren't under their custody. An optimist (Tim's preferred perspective) may counter by offering that this disconnect exists mainly due to an education and product offering gap among most investors. Tim is passionate about helping fill this gap.