Dow Jones Futures - Jun 22

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    31,996.00 - 32,203.00

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  • 13/9Monday high/ low presiction.Which will touch First: LONGup 34893 or SHORT down 34393? I bet up First. How about u friends?
    • 600ish area is a good entry for longs unless it continues to fall. it means that it should bounce up now otherwise it's really bearish. (Personal opinion)
    • no one was celebrating 640. one person had a limit buy order for 640 &had been waiting for a few days when many thought it was reversing. so it was just virtual cheering 4 som1 having gotten in at their preferred entry after being patient& with ppl posting messages addressed to him indirectly that he was wrong. i made money going long and short before it hit 640. i didn't have a problem with someone who only wanted to buy at 640. its their trade plan. anyone can look at few indicators&say this is the possible range & we see a LOT of those posts here. very few ppl say with confidence what their entry and exit plans are and then stick to it. please guys, stop obsessing over the 640 because you've read it all wrong. heck we've even got ppl complaining why no one is cheering them. its not a competition. if likes are what one is after then this is the wrong place. its turning into bullying now with 640 getting mentioned with so much passive aggressiveness. JUST CHILL.
    • this is for Maike Neu. and also ppl need to make their own trade plans and stick to their stop losses. no one can predict the Market with 100% accuracy