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How to Adopt an Effective Trading Mindset

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The presentation starts with a look at the live markets with chart analysis and thought-provoking learnings.  Charlie will then introduce his approach to maintaining a trading mindset, which is essential for consistent returns over the longer term.
As a trader, it's incredibly important to develop a process and outlook that helps you to focus and make better trading decisions.  Without such a framework, fear and greed can get the better of you and it is easy to make common trading mistakes.  Setting and following simple rules can help you to manage your emotions and execute effective trading plans.Lastly, Charlie will also give step-by-step enlightenment on his daily strategy that uses trends and multiple time frames.

Charlie Burton:
Charlie has been trading 24 years of which 19 have been full time. It was a result of a live trade-off at the London Forex Show that the BBC heard about Charlie. They were in the process of filming a documentary about trading and asked if they could film the event. After speaking with Charlie, the BBC asked if he would be willing to be filmed at home too and so it was that Charlie became one of the bright lights of that documentary, ‘Traders; Millions by the minute’. On that show, you see Charlie banking £700 on a trade in a couple of hours plus of course some of the extracurricular activities that the BBC wanted to make the show more entertaining! Ironically, the original trade-off they filmed never made it to the final cut, they seemed more interested in having film of him washing his Porsche! Charlie has subsequently been interviewed on BBC radio, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC’s The One Show and is also a regular guest and interviewer on Tip TV (now Core Finance).
How to Adopt an Effective Trading Mindset
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