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Gary Tanashian

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Gary Tanashian, owner of, provides technical, sentiment and macro-fundamental analysis of financial markets via public articles and through the premium market report, Notes From the Rabbit Hole, or NFTRH ( Technical analysis, macro fundamental analysis, market ratio TA and a contrarian mindset keep NFTRH consistently on the right side of the markets through their ongoing cycles.

Trading Experience:    5 Years +
Trader Type:    Swing Trader
Markets Traded:    Shares, Options
Skill Level:    Expert
Preferred Approach:    Technical


Indicators Used:    Accum Dist - BuyPr, ADX, CCI Average, Chaikin Osc, MACD, Exponential, Open Interest, Put-Call OI Ratio, ROC, RSI, TRIX, Volatility, Volatility
Preferred Trading Time Frame:    weekly


Favourite Trading Books:    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Favourite Trading Magazines:    N/A