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Newsquawk Voice Ltd Newsquawk Voice Ltd

Newsquawk Voice Ltd provides real-time financial news and analysis for traders and investors, helping them identify trading opportunities and manage risk. 

We monitor all major news outlets, policymakers, Twitter feeds, and critical institutional research. Our news updates are broadcast over low latency audio (squawk) and on our text headline feed. 

You can subscribe to different audio channels to ensure what you hear is appropriate for what you trade; Forex, Equities, Fixed Income,Commodities/Energy and Multi-Asset (which combines all of the above into one dedicated Macro package). 

We also offer a scrolling headline feed, where we regularly post actionable analysis to help you stay fully briefed and prepare you for upcoming events that could move markets. 

We send out pre-market reports and podcasts before the market open and daily, weekly and monthly calendars, central bank meeting previews and ad-hoc research on anything currently topical in markets. 

Our popular online chat service allows subscribers to speak with our team of analysts and reporters directly. We are one of the top squawk desks globally, and we've been helping traders and brokers for years. 

Our clients include many tier-one banks, hedge funds and professional retail. 

We are your eyes and ears on market-moving news 24 hours a day, five days a week. OUR EDGE - Headlines alone have limited use; in addition to broadcasting news, our analysts follow up with context about how it impacts asset prices while remaining completely impartial. 

We provide critical commentary without turning it into directional advice. We encourage new subscribers to take a free trial to see for themselves how we can add value, and empower them to make more informed trading decisions, faster.
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