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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Leverage Shares 3x Long NIO3NIO0.01-19.23%1.44M06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Value Factor ESG UCITS USD (AccCBUI4.90-1.73%1.00M06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ARKK Innovation3ARK0.08-10.34%933.27K06/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility ESG UCIMVEW6.08-1.30%841.12K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Tesla3TSL0.27-0.58%778.29K06/02 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Investment Grade Bond UCIIGEM4.14-1.39%280.35K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS DistIMEU28.50-0.58%250.15K06/02 
 iShares MSCI USA SRI UCITS ETF USD (Dist)ISSRIL8.55-1.09%183.98K06/02 
 iShares II plc $ HY Corp Bd ESG UCITS ETF USD (DisDHYD4.50-1.36%137.91K06/02 
 iShares MSCI China UCITS ETF USD AccICHN4.84-2.43%117.71K06/02 
 iShares European Property Yield UCITSIPRP29.14-2.17%111.33K06/02 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF GBP (Dist)ISF8.56-0.41%104.92K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Plug Power3PLU0.03-14.60%102.24K14:28:00 
 iShares $ Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF USD AccSUOA4.59-0.49%88.09K06/02 
 iShares Sust MSCI USA SRISUAS11.56+0.45%86.49K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EMU SRI UCITS EUR AccSMUA6.53-1.17%85.71K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITSIWDA73.440-0.51%77.69K06/02 
 iShares China CNY Bond UCITS USD DistCNYB5.27-0.26%72.36K15:33:00 
 iShares High Yield Corp Bond ESG UCITS EUR (Acc)EHYA4.83-0.33%70.80K06/02 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS USD IncVUSA72.84-0.46%70.67K06/02 
 iShares China CNY Bond UCITS ETF USD Hedged (Dist)CYBU4.99+0.23%68.96K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS DistIJPN13.45-0.20%68.84K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 5x Long US Tech 1005QQQ0.34-8.24%67.89K06/02 
 iShares US Medical Devices UCITS USD (Acc)UMDV5.69-1.41%54.04K06/02 
 iShares $ Development Bank Bonds UCITS (Acc)DDBB4.84-0.87%47.62K06/02 
 Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS (USD) AccumulatiV3AA4.46-0.22%46.40K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 UCITS DistIUSA38.26-0.50%46.39K06/02 
 iShares JP Morgan ESG EM Bond UCITS USD AccISEMSA4.64+0.32%45.85K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Global Semiconductors UCITS USD AccSEMI4.65-2.59%44.80K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSEMIM28.21-1.10%41.08K06/02 
 iShares AEXIAEX74.95-1.41%39.44K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Energy Sector UCITS ETF USD IncWENS6.64-1.72%35.41K06/02 
 iShares II plc € HY Corp Bd ESG UCITS EUR (Dist)EHYD4.43-0.40%34.94K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS ETF EURIUSK59.84-0.61%32.67K06/02 
 UBS MSCI EM Socially Responsible A-disUEF511.87-1.68%32.51K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD IncVWRL99.41-0.58%31.53K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EM SRI UCITS ETF USD (Dist)SEMD5.23-1.98%30.85K06/02 
 iShares China CNY Bond UCITS ETF USD AccCYBA5.60-0.28%30.27K06/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Minimum Volatility ESG UCITSMVEA6.56-0.44%28.78K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS DistIEEM36.62-1.44%27.16K06/02 
 iShares Smart City Infrastructure UCITS ETF USD AcCITY16.39-1.60%26.83K06/02 
 WisdomTree Physical SilverPHAG19.23+0.88%25.70K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div YldVHYL56.24-0.44%24.72K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed EuropeVEUR35.31-0.79%23.35K06/02 
 iShares Global Govt Bond UCITS EUR Hedged (Dist)IGLE4.20-0.37%22.89K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Turkey UCITSITKY16.47-0.45%21.90K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Swap UCITS USD (Acc)I5006.59-1.00%21.05K06/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7yr UCITS GBP DisCBUG4.65-1.04%20.14K06/02 
 iShares $ Asia Investment Grade Corp Bond UCITS USASIG4.61-0.88%19.47K06/02 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITSIPRV23.84-1.26%19.15K06/02 
 Amundi Physical Gold CAMGOLD74.35+0.03%19.08K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World UCITS DistIWRD55.47-0.29%19.04K06/02 
 iShares China CNY Bond UCITS EUR Hedged AccCYBE15.14-0.08%18.81K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Sustainable World Equal WeightTSWE27.68-0.43%17.57K06/02 
 UBS MSCI Hong Kong UCITSHKDE16.16+0.44%17.43K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan USDVJPN28.21-0.42%17.30K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI EMU UCITS USD Hdg AccCEUU7.13-1.22%17.19K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Consumer Discretionary Select SectorZPDD40.29-1.38%17.07K06/02 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond ESG UCITS USD (Acc)DHYE4.80+0.65%17.01K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITSIUSEA87.78-1.59%16.67K06/02 
 L&G Cyber Security UCITSISPY17.81-1.27%15.44K06/02 
 iShares Sust MSCI EM SRISUES6.67-1.61%15.17K06/02 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ARKK InnovationARKS2.05+15.65%13.91K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS USD IncVFEM51.99-1.16%12.48K06/02 
 UBS ETF MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS USD WSREUA115.25-0.64%12.42K06/02 
 iShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor ESG UCITS USD AccIUME4.30-0.97%12.35K06/02 
 iShares $ Ultrashort Bond ESG UCITS USD IncUEDD5.03-0.02%12.00K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITS ETF USDISIJPA41.70-0.20%11.33K06/02 
 iShares EURO Dividend UCITSIDVY18.72-1.15%11.30K06/02 
 KraneShares CSI China InternetKWEB22.01-3.08%10.83K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World EUR Hedged UCITSIWDE68.61-1.19%10.83K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 ESG UCITS USD (Acc)ESPX5.03-1.35%10.38K06/02 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed Securities UCITS EUR HeIMBE4.37-2.00%10.20K06/02 
 First Trust Low Duration Global Government Bond UCFSOV17.02+0.35%10.00K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Morningstar Developed Markets DividTDIV35.79-0.08%9.78K06/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi MSCI USA SRI UCITSUSRI95.56-0.24%9.57K06/02 
 iShares € Govt Bond 0-1yr UCITS ETF EURIBGE96.21-0.07%9.51K06/02 
 iShares Smart City Infrastructure UCITS USD IncCT2B6.13-2.46%8.96K06/02 
 Lyxor S&P 500 VIX Futures Enhanced Roll C-EURLVX2.28+2.31%8.37K06/02 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITSFXC81.50-1.76%8.34K06/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS DistEUE42.78-1.20%8.29K06/02 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc – DJ Global Select Dividend UCITUBUM8.92-1.48%8.26K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Equal Weight UCITS USD (Acc)EWSP5.26-1.19%8.10K06/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions MSCI World DRMWRD98.98-1.08%7.80K06/02 
 FlexShares® Emerging Markets Low Volatility ClimatQVFE19.76-1.57%7.53K06/02 
 LS ARKK Innovation TrackerLSARKA2.04-4.14%7.47K06/02 
 Vanguard EUR Corporate BondVECP47.37-0.29%7.41K06/02 
 iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS USD (Acc)INRA28.60-1.57%7.39K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS USDWPAB4.78-0.91%7.37K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS AccIMEA66.85-0.68%7.37K06/02 
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDCNYA4.73-0.59%7.34K06/02 
 UBS MSCI USA Socially ResponsibleASREUA155.80-0.10%7.34K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Information Technology Sector UWITS7.95-2.04%7.25K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Airbnb3ABN0.41+6.80%7.06K06/02 
 First Trust Cloud Computing UCITS ETF Class A USD SKYU26.02-1.06%7.04K06/02 
 iShares Dow Jones Global Sustainability Screened UIGSG51.90-0.59%6.62K06/02 
 LS 1x NIO TrackerNIO11.08-8.44%6.10K06/02 
 SPDR® Bloomberg SASB U.S. Corporate ESG UCITS EUR USCE25.48-1.30%6.09K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Global Real EstateTRET38.31-0.17%5.93K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Health Care Sector UCITS ETF USWHCS6.95-0.81%5.78K06/02 
 Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS (USD) DistributiV3AL4.34-0.12%5.76K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors AEX UCITSTDT75.28-1.34%5.75K06/02 
 Rize Sustainable Future of Food UCITS A USDFOGB4.21-0.59%5.74K06/02 
 iShares MSCI China UCITS USD DistICHD4.38-3.02%5.62K06/02 
 BNP Paribas Easy Energy & Metals Enhanced Roll UCIGSDE14.01-1.35%5.56K06/02 
 SPDR S&P 500 ESG Screened UCITSSPPY25.90-0.59%5.46K06/02 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSCSP1397.59-0.49%5.40K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Health Care UCITSWHEA51.78+0.39%5.36K06/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBTS118.71+0.86%5.27K06/02 
 iShares Healthcare Innovation AccDRDR7.12-0.38%5.25K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Consumer Staples Select SectorZPDS33.70+0.94%5.23K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Communication Services Sector EWCMS3.95-1.32%5.10K06/02 
 SPDR STOXX Europe 600 ESG Screened UCITS ETF EUR AZPDX25.09-0.48%5.03K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Consumer Discretionary Sector UWCDS6.41-1.95%4.99K06/02 
 WisdomTree Gold 1x Daily ShortSBUL14.93+1.75%4.94K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD (Acc)IEAM32.70-1.22%4.88K06/02 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 ETF EURCS51147.12-1.05%4.83K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev Europe x UKVERX35.59-0.92%4.80K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS DistIBZL21.35-1.92%4.80K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Energy UCITSSSGWNRG42.34-1.66%4.69K06/02 
 iShares MSCI USA Value Factor ESG UCITS USD AccIUVE4.88-1.71%4.57K06/02 
 UBS MSCI Japan Socially Responsible JPY A-disFRCJ20.08-1.35%4.50K06/02 
 iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITSIWDP22.61-0.14%4.48K06/02 
 Vanguard USD Treasury BdVUTY20.83+0.59%4.48K06/02 
 Vanguard Eurozone Government BondVETY22.39-0.56%4.45K06/02 
 UBS Factor MSCI USA Prime Value UCITS USD AdUBUS28.72+0.70%4.36K06/02 
 iShares Core Euro Corporate Bond UCITSIEAC116.54-0.48%4.35K06/02 
 WisdomTree Silver 2x Daily LeveragedLSIL4.64-0.98%4.30K06/02 
 SPDR® MSCI World Communication Services UCITS USD WTEL34.49-2.09%4.07K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Materials Sector ESG UCITS USD WMTS4.44-2.61%3.88K06/02 
 WisdomTree Physical GoldPHAU163.58+1.01%3.82K06/02 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Large Cap UCITSIBCX120.99-0.56%3.69K06/02 
 iShares Agribusiness UCITSSPAGA47.65+0.26%3.63K06/02 
 iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITSIAPD20.30-0.88%3.54K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EM Latin America UCITS ETF USDLTAM13.91-0.90%3.54K06/02 
 iShares Bric 50 UCITSBRIC20.27-1.60%3.50K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World UCITSSPPW26.68-0.40%3.50K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World TechnologyWTCH93.20-1.22%3.41K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS USD AcUPAB14.95-1.39%3.34K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Energy Select SectorZPDE28.71-1.49%3.14K06/02 
 iShares AEX UCITS EUR (Acc)IAEAU6.95-1.24%3.08K06/02 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSCNDX661.00-1.52%3.03K06/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions MSCI USA Minimum VolatilityMIVU80.28-0.44%2.99K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Swap UCITS USD (Dis)I50D4.62-0.81%2.99K14:05:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia PacifVAPX24.48-1.30%2.96K06/02 
 iShares MSCI USA UCITSCSUS381.31+0.23%2.92K06/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBGS137.36-0.10%2.89K06/02 
 L&G Gold Mining UCITSAUCO27.70-0.29%2.65K06/02 
 iShares Global Infrastructure UCITSINFR28.95+0.26%2.63K06/02 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITSIFFF48.70-1.42%2.54K06/02 
 WisdomTree Gold 2x Daily LeveragedLBUL52.11-0.48%2.50K06/02 
 Amundi S&P 500 UCITS ETF C USD500U73.07-0.56%2.44K06/02 
 LS 1x Palantir TrackerPLTR11.53-4.49%2.41K06/02 
 iShares Oil & Gas Exploration & Production UCITS ESPOGO22.50-1.82%2.41K06/02 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed World UCITS ETF USDVDEV75.28-0.84%2.38K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Industrials UCITS USDWIND48.91+0.16%2.35K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM)3TSM1.21-11.05%2.31K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Multi-Asset Balanced Allocation UCINTM63.26-1.14%2.25K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Utilities Select Sector UCITSZPDU36.62+1.96%2.25K06/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10yr UCITS ETF USDISTB167.15+0.57%2.18K06/02 
 UBS ETF MSCI Japan UCITS JPY A-disJPNEUA42.22-0.47%2.13K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITSIEUX39.27-1.01%2.11K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Quality Dividend UCITS USD AccWQDA6.88-1.32%2.09K06/02 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Liquid CorporUE2714.34-0.99%2.06K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Materials Select SectorZPDM36.53-0.97%2.03K06/02 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUR 3x DailyEJP312.98-4.80%2.00K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Bitcoin AVBTC111.66-1.60%1.92K06/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-5Yr UCITSIBGX157.29-0.28%1.86K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EMU SRI UCITS EUR IncSMDU6.11-0.21%1.86K06/02 
 L&G Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity UCITSLGAG12.18-0.93%1.80K06/02 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR 3x DailyUSE37.46-3.90%1.78K06/02 
 iShares MSCI India UCITS ETF USD AccQDV56.36+0.28%1.78K06/02 
 UBS ETF MSCI Pacific Socially Responsible UCITS USPSREUA65.93-0.83%1.72K06/02 
 L&G Ecommerce Logistics UCITSGEECOG14.30-1.48%1.70K06/02 
 iShares France Government Bond UCITSIFRB129.94-0.45%1.70K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors iBoxx EUR Sovereign Capped AAA-AA 1TAT18.46-0.28%1.65K06/02 
 ROBO-STOX Global RoboticsROBE20.00-1.67%1.62K06/02 
 iShares MSCI USA Swap UCITS USD (Acc)MUSD5.38-1.57%1.61K06/02 
 iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITSERNE99.75-0.08%1.53K06/02 
 iShares S&P 500 Health Care Sector UCITS EUR HedgeIUHE6.46-0.52%1.50K06/02 
 L&G Battery Value-Chain UCITSBATG16.88-1.04%1.49K06/02 
 L&GE Fund MSCI China A UCITSCASH15.90-1.73%1.48K14:32:00 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond Hedged AccEUNA4.63-0.80%1.41K06/02 
 iShares US Property Yield UCITSIUSP27.51+0.40%1.39K06/02 
 iShares S&P Gold Producers UCITSSPGPG12.35-0.48%1.33K06/02 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITS USD AccIFFI5.84-2.46%1.33K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS EUEUPB5.01-0.12%1.31K06/02 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Interest Rate Hedged UIRCP93.64-0.03%1.29K06/02 
 iShares Euro Inflation Linked Government Bond UCITIBCI220.92-0.41%1.27K06/02 
 iShares Sust MSCI Japan SRI EUR HdgSUJS7.86+0.31%1.26K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors iBoxx EUR CorporatesTCBT16.20-1.06%1.24K06/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond UCITS ETF USD (Dist)GOVT4.45-0.23%1.21K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Clean Energy3ICL2.11-2.32%1.20K06/02 
 iShares MSCI China Tech UCITS USD AccCTECM4.07-3.92%1.20K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan ESG Enhanced UCITS UPCEL5.18-2.14%1.20K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 5x Long US 5005SPY1.12-4.52%1.20K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Coinbase (COIN)3CON30.0524-38.53%1.17K06/02 
 iShares Core € Govt Bond UCITS ETF EURSEGA108.64-0.59%1.17K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Utilities UCITS USD AccWUTI42.45+1.23%1.14K06/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions S&P 500 DRS500114.50-1.30%1.11K06/02 
 iShares Global Govt Bond Climate UCITS USD IncCGGD3.83-1.38%1.03K06/02 
 Vanguard ESG Developed Europe All Cap UCITS EUR InV3EL5.130.12%1.00K06/02 
 WisdomTree Physical PalladiumPHPD138.10-0.53%1.00K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors iBoxx EUR Sovereign Diversified 1-1TGBT11.92-0.26%0.99K06/02 
 Franklin FTSE China UCITSFLX423.72-1.54%0.99K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Multi-Asset Growth Allocation UCITSTOF71.33-0.79%0.97K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Financials UCITSWFIN49.80-0.15%0.97K06/02 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short AirbnbSABN3.45-11.07%0.90K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS USD DistISED6.78-0.41%0.88K06/02 
 FlexShares® Listed Private Equity UCITS USD AccFLPE19.05-0.94%0.86K06/02 
 iShares EUR Aggregate Bond GBPIEAG105.86-0.52%0.86K06/02 
 iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS DEDJCOMEX27.18-2.83%0.84K06/02 
 First Trust Dow Jones Internet UCITS ETF Class A UFDN19.02-2.16%0.84K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Technology Select SectorZPDT68.32-1.14%0.81K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITS EUR Hedged (Acc)SJPE6.38-0.32%0.80K06/02 
 SPDR® Bloomberg Euro Government Bond UCITS EUR AccGOVA24.20-1.39%0.79K06/02 
 iShares Global Water UCITS USD AccH2OA20.22-0.01%0.78K06/02 
 SPDR® Bloomberg SASB Euro Corporate ESG UCITSEUCR26.69-0.43%0.74K06/02 
 Invesco Physical Gold ETCSGLD168.00+1.00%0.71K06/02 
 iShares MSCI France UCITSISFR50.34-1.27%0.71K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Health Care Select SectorZPDH36.61+0.38%0.71K06/02 
 iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS USD (Acc)RBOT10.08-1.66%0.70K06/02 
 iShares Digital Security UCITS AccLOCK5.89-1.13%0.66K06/02 
 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond UCITSERND92.89+0.79%0.66K06/02 
 Vanguard USD EM Government BondVEMT38.95+0.34%0.65K06/02 
 WisdomTree BitcoinBTCW5.53-3.44%0.65K06/02 
 SPDR® S&P® Euro Dividend Aristocrats ESG UCITSZPD919.290.04%0.65K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS DistIKOR40.14-3.26%0.64K06/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX Small UCITSDJSC43.84-1.06%0.64K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors Multi-Asset Conservative AllocationDTM56.25-0.53%0.63K06/02 
 iShares STOXX Europe 50 UCITSEUN39.30-0.47%0.62K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI EMU UCITS ETF EURCEU1149.08-0.81%0.61K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity UCITS ETF (EUR) AV80A27.96-0.85%0.59K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Consumer Staples UCITSWCOS40.47+0.83%0.58K06/02 
 iShares $ TIPS UCITS ETF USDITPS212.98+0.46%0.57K06/02 
 iShares EURO Total Market Growth Large UCITSIDJG51.02-1.24%0.56K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors AMX UCITSTMX100.46-1.01%0.55K06/02 
 iShares $ Corp Bond USDLQDE97.36+0.47%0.54K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Materials UCITS ETF USD AccWMAT53.51-1.22%0.54K06/02 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITS USD AccFXAC3.48-2.16%0.53K06/02 
 iShares Euro Govt Bond 7-10IBGM186.12-0.73%0.49K06/02 
 VanEck Vectors European Equal WeightTEET64.58-0.87%0.48K06/02 
 Amundi Index MSCI Emerging Markets UCTS DR CAEME64.02-2.50%0.48K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS AccCSJP149.19-0.54%0.48K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor ESG UCITS USD (CBUH4.00-0.44%0.47K06/02 
 SPDR® S&P® Global Dividend Aristocrats ESG UCITSZPD317.98-0.89%0.45K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Value UCITSWVAL23.87+0.09%0.43K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Taiwan UCITSITWN62.17-1.58%0.42K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Gold Miners3GDX2.51-3.46%0.41K06/02 
 iShares Core MSCI Pac ex-Jpn ETF USDCPJ1162.72-1.05%0.41K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Alphabet ETC3GOO20.35-0.02%0.40K16:03:50 
 UBS - MSCI EMU Socially Responsible (EUR) A-disESREUA109.20-1.07%0.39K06/02 
 SPDR MSCI World Consumer Discretionary UCITSWCOD52.95-1.40%0.37K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EM ex China UCITS USD AccEXCH4.34-2.00%0.35K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EMU Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS EUR AEMPA4.96-0.51%0.34K06/02 
 CoinShares Physical Ethereum (ETH)ETHEUSD44.66+0.47%0.32K06/02 
 iShares FTSE 100 UCITS AccCSUKX158.01+0.18%0.31K06/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 UCITS (DE) EIDVA4.82-0.81%0.31K06/02 
 iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology UECAR6.55-0.67%0.29K06/02 
 iShares $ Short Duration High Yield Corp Bond UCITSDHG79.95+0.57%0.29K06/02 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - S&P 500 UCITS USD A-disUBU961.32-1.27%0.29K06/02 
 iShares $ TIPS 0-5 UCITS USD (Acc)TI5A98.55-0.42%0.29K06/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Alibaba3BAB13.00-2.04%0.28K06/02 
 UBS MSCI Emerging MarketsUB3292.77-1.47%0.27K06/02 
 Vanguard USD Corp BdVUCP44.51+0.42%0.27K06/02 
 iShares MSCI North America UCITSINAA71.16-0.84%0.23K06/02 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short US Tech 100SQQQ5.09+8.74%0.23K06/02 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSSPXS736.12-0.20%0.21K06/02 
 WisdomTree Physical PlatinumPHPT84.01+0.10%0.20K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 20% Equity UCITS ETF (EUR) AV20A22.46-0.33%0.20K09:53:41 
 iShares € Govt Bond 10-15yr UCITS ETF EURIBGZ149.05-1.29%0.18K06/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX Mid UCITSDJMC65.28-0.97%0.16K06/02 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short PalantirSPLR6.47+7.87%0.15K06/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 15-30Yr UCITSIBGL184.07-0.44%0.14K06/02 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Technology UCITS (DE) EURSTEC5.15-1.18%0.13K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 40% Equity UCITS ETF (EUR) AV40A24.25-0.21%0.13K06/02 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond UCITS ETF USDIGSD90.30+0.85%0.13K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Health Care Sector UCITS USD AcWHCA4.490.22%0.12K06/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX Banks 30-15 UCITS (DE) EUR AccEXA16.11-0.61%0.12K06/02 
 iShares Digitalisation AccDGIT7.00-0.99%0.11K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Dividend Aristocrats ESG UCITSZPD619.40-0.05%0.11K06/02 
 iShares Asia Property Yield UCITSIASP21.81-0.11%0.11K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Industrials Select SectorZPDI39.62-0.46%0.10K06/02 
 WisdomTree SolanaSOLW2.87-4.68%0.10K06/02 
 L&G Russell 2000 US Small Cap UCITSRTWO84.30-0.82%0.10K06/02 
 iShares EUR Govt Bond 5-7 EURIBGY141.82-0.39%0.10K06/02 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITS USD (Acc)IPRA26.74-1.53%0.10K06/02 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Interest Rate Hedged UCITS USDLQDG91.00+0.32%0.10K06/02 
 WisdomTree Physical Precious MetalsPHPM123.97-0.16%0.10K06/02 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSISACI61.70+0.14%0.09K06/02 
 iShares MSCI World Consumer Staples Sector UCITS EWCSS5.60-0.08%0.09K06/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Smart Factory UCITSFTRY69.94-2.97%0.08K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Mexico Capped USDCMXC0133.28-0.97%0.08K06/02 
 MULTI UNITS LUXEMBOURG - Lyxor Core Japanese GoverJAPB926.97-0.48%0.08K06/02 
 Invesco NASDAQ BiotechSBIO41.01-0.99%0.07K06/02 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-7Yr UCITS AccCE71122.89-0.36%0.07K06/02 
 Franklin FTSE Korea UCITSFLXK28.83-3.32%0.07K06/02 
 LS 1x Tesla TrackerTSLA14.45-1.22%0.07K06/02 
 First Trust Eurozone AlphaDEX UCITSFEUZ36.43-0.03%0.06K06/02 
 L&G Pharma Breakthrough UCITSBIGT11.34+1.02%0.06K06/02 
 FlexShares® Emerging Markets High Dividend ClimateQDFE18.40-2.60%0.06K06/02 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Financials Select SectorZPDF38.23-0.12%0.05K06/02 
 UBS ETF - Factor MSCI EMU Quality UCITS ETF (EUR) UIM224.48-1.03%0.05K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity UCITS ETF (EUR) DV80D26.89-0.13%0.05K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity UCITS (EUR) DistrV60D24.98-0.50%0.05K06/02 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7yr UCITS ETF USDCU71118.22+0.44%0.05K06/02 
 iShares Core Global Aggregate Bond UCITS USD HedgeAGUG4.36-0.67%0.05K06/02 
 iShares Euro Covered Bond UCITSIUS6136.07-0.31%0.04K06/02 
 iShares Core DAX UCITSGDAXIEX128.90-1.03%0.04K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity UCITS ETF (EUR) AV60A26.05-0.55%0.04K06/02 
 iShares Global Timber & Forestry UCITS USD AccWOOAx26.25-1.15%0.03K06/02 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITS EUR A-disESCEUA117.00+2.13%0.03K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS USD (Acc)IDSE111.30-0.82%0.03K08:30:00 
 iShares Global Govt Bond UCITS USD Hedged (Acc)SGLU4.69-0.59%0.03K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Japan EUR Hedged UCITSIJPE60.54-0.22%0.03K06/02 
 iShares MSCI Canada ETF USDCCAU159.88-0.22%0.03K06/02 
 iShares MSCI EMU Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS EUR DMPAB4.87+0.01%0.02K06/02 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI UK IMI Socially Resp A-disUKSR17.92-0.48%0.02K08:24:00 
 LS 1x Amazon TrackerAMZN12.94-3.18%0.02K06/02 
 UBS ETF MSCI Europe UCITS EUR A-disUB1274.55-0.12%0.01K06/02 
 SPDR S&P US Communication Services Select SectorZPDK23.50-1.66%0.01K06/02 
 VanEck Smart Home Active UCITS A USD AccVCAV10.47-1.04%0.01K06/02 
 SPDR Dow Jones Industrial AverageDIA314.50+0.64%0.01K06/02 
 UBS ETF Barclays Capital US 7-10Y Treasury Bond USUEFI35.86+0.10%0.01K06/02 
 LS 1x Coinbase TrackerCOIB1.48-6.42%0.00K06/02 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI World UCITS USD A-disUBU765.37+0.57%0.00K06/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 20% Equity UCITS (EUR) DistrV20D21.56-1.19%0.00K06/02 
 UBS - EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (EUR) A-disE50EUA42.15-0.40%0.00K06/02 
 iShares Ageing Population AccISAGES6.38-0.23%0.00K06/02 
 Franklin Liberty Euro Green Bond UCITSFLR122.04-0.52%0.00K06/02 
 FlexShares® Developed Markets Low Volatility ClimaQVFD23.84+0.00%003/01 
 iShares MSCI Europe Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS EUEPAD4.79+0.00%013/01 
 Franklin STOXX Europe 600 Paris Aligned Climate UCFLXP31.61+0.00%012/01 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU UCITS EUR A-disEMUEUA142.740.00%027/01 
 iShares MSCI World Energy Sector ESG UCITS USD IncWENE5.280.00%003/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI EM Minimum Volatility ESG UCITS MVEM4.29+0.00%005/12 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Quality UCITS UBUT32.75+0.00%003/02 
 LS 1x Plug Power TrackerPLUG12.77+0.00%002/02 
 LS 1x Baidu TrackerBIDU13.60+0.00%001/02 
 LS 1x Facebook TrackerFB1X2.63+0.00%003/02 
 Leverage Shares -1x Netflix ETCSNFL10.23+0.00%031/01 
 LS 1x TrackerJD1X3.770.00%030/12 
 LS 1x Microsoft TrackerMSFT14.54+0.00%001/02 
 LS 1x Netflix TrackerNFLX13.33+0.00%002/02 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Prime Value UCUBUW25.510.00%025/01 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond ESG UCITS USD DistriAGGE4.150.00%003/02 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Investment Grade Bond UCIIGAE4.36+0.00%002/02 
 SPDR STOXX Global Low Volatility UCITS USD UnHgd CGLOW20.730.00%002/02 
 UBS ETF - MSCI USA Socially Responsible UCITS ETF UE3321.10+0.00%002/02 
 LS 1x Sea TrackerSE1X1.060.00%025/01 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI Acc Share ClassSXR65.89+0.00%002/02 
 WisdomTree Ethereum CryptocurrencyETHW16.180.00%003/02 
 Rize Cybersecurity Data PrivacyRCRS5.28+0.00%003/02 
 BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Moderate Portfolio UCITSMODU4.73+0.00%019/01 
 Amundi Index Solutions FTSE EPRA NAREIT Global DREPRA68.500.00%003/02 
 UBS MSCI Canada UCITS EURU1FA22.36+0.00%001/02 
 Rize Education Tech and Digital Learning A USDLRNG1.800.00%012/01 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITS USD (Dist)SJPD5.29+0.00%003/02 
 iShares VII PLC -iShares Core MSCI EMU UCITS ETF GCEMP5.55+0.00%017/05 
 iShares Core UK Gilts UCITS USD Hedged (Dist)GLUH5.260.00%031/01 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUREUJP36.30+0.00%003/02 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long EUR 3x DailyJPE340.160.00%028/10 
 Vanguard ESG North America All Cap UCITS USD AccumV3NA4.41+0.00%003/02 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short EUR 3x DailyEUS387.760.00%025/01 
 Vanguard ESG North America All Cap UCITS USD IncomV3NL4.110.00%019/01 
 Vanguard ESG Developed Europe All Cap UCITS EUR AcV3EA5.040.00%020/01 
 21Shares Crypto Basket 10 (HODLX)HODLX9.730.00%025/01 
 SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Climate Paris Aligned USMPA9.200.00%019/12 
 iShares Blockchain Technology UCITS USD CapBLKC6.07+0.00%003/02 
 Vanguard ESG Developed Asia Pacific All Cap UCITS V3PA5.500.00%020/01 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long EURJPEU42.68+1.48%006/02 
 iShares France Govt Bond UCITS USD Hedged (Dist)IFRD4.93+0.00%006/01 
 Vanguard ESG Emerging Markets All Cap UCITS USD InV3ML5.43+0.00%013/01 
 Vanguard ESG Developed Asia Pacific All Cap UCITS V3PL5.66+0.00%027/01 
 Vanguard ESG Emerging Markets All Cap UCITS USD AcV3MA5.400.00%020/01 
 Vanguard FTSE North AmericaVNRT93.21+0.00%003/02 
 UBS ETF Barclays US Liquid Corporates UCITS hedgedUEF016.09+0.00%023/12 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG EUR Corporate BoV3RF5.090.00%024/01 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG USD Corporate BoV3SD4.860.00%003/02 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG USD Corporate BoV3SU4.79+0.00%031/01 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG EUR Corporate BoV3RE5.050.00%010/01 
 iShares Digital Entertainment and Education UCITS PLAYI5.29+0.00%001/02 
 SEBA BitcoinSBTCU2.29+0.00%003/02 
 FinEx Physically Held Gold USDFXGD1.150.00%003/02 
 UBS MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCITS Hedged A AW1R12.88+0.00%003/02 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Liquid CorporCBSUS13.94+0.00%002/02 
 Vanguard LifeStrategy 40% Equity UCITS (EUR) DistrV40D23.40+0.00%003/02 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS USD Hedged (Dist)SUWU5.92+0.00%001/02 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corporates 1-5 hedged A-accUEF813.79+0.00%020/09 
 L&G Longer Dated All Commodities UCITSCOMF20.860.00%003/02 
 UBS - Factor MSCI EMU Low Vol (EUR) A-disUIMY13.87+0.00%001/11 
 Amundi Index Solutions Global InfrastructureGINF69.56+0.00%001/02 
 Franklin FTSE India UCITSFLXIG28.88+0.00%003/02 
 Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR)LCUJ1,908.73+0.00%003/02 
 UBS Irl Factor MSCI USA Quality UCITS (hedged to EUBUX28.45+0.00%002/02 
 L&G Europe ex UK Equity UCITSLGEG14.000.00%019/01 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond ESG UCITS USD HedgedAGGD4.740.00%028/10 
 L&G US Equity UCITSLGUG14.60+0.00%003/02 
 L&G Japan Equity UCITSLGJG10.650.00%031/01 
 L&G Global Equity UCITSLGGG13.45+0.00%026/01 
 First Trust FactorFX Class CFXEU17.95+0.00%002/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions Barclays Global AGG 500M DRAMGAGG52.99+0.00%003/02 
 BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Conservative Portfolio UMACU4.800.00%014/12 
 BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Growth Portfolio UCITS UMAGU4.650.00%025/01 
 SPDR Bloomberg SASB 0-3 Year Euro Corporate ESG UCSPPSG30.000.00%023/05 
 SPDR MSCI ACWI Climate Paris Aligned UCITS USD AccSPF88.59+0.00%030/01 
 21Shares Crypto Basket Equal Weight (HODLV)HODLV7.760.00%012/12 
 LS 1x Apple TrackerAAPL15.68+0.00%003/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Palantir3PLT0.010.00%027/01 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG Global CorporateV3GE4.230.00%001/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions MSCI North America DRNRAM107.930.00%031/01 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Gold MinersSGDX1.020.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Oil & GasSXLG0.55+0.00%004/01 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Oil & Gas3XLE10.590.00%004/01 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Clean EnergySICL2.030.00%015/12 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short China TechSKWE0.710.00%029/11 
 iShares Thomson Reuters Inclusion and Diversity UCISOPEN6.410.00%031/01 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Financials3XLF3.17+0.00%001/12 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short AirlinesSJET1.78+0.00%001/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Airlines3JET2.130.00%001/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Semiconductors3SMH1.03+0.00%014/12 
 LS ARKG Genomic TrackerARKC2.62+0.00%002/02 
 UBS Irl Factor MSCI USA Low Volatility UCITS (hedgUBUV24.480.00%019/12 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Airbus (AIR.PA)SAIR2.73+0.00%005/10 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Low VolatilityUBUR26.02+0.00%030/12 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Airbus (AIR.PA)3AIR3.97+0.00%026/05 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Moderna (MRNA)LSSMRN0.430.00%013/12 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Moderna (MRNA)3MRN0.270.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Netflix ETC3NFL0.300.00%024/01 
 iShares MSCI EM Consumer GrowthCEMG29.060.00%025/01 
 SPDR® MSCI World Climate Paris Aligned UCITS USD ASPFW9.58+0.00%016/08 
 LS ARKW NextGen Internet TrackerARKB1.570.00%016/12 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp USDUEF914.110.00%013/12 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short NIONIOS0.240.00%013/01 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ARKG GenomicLSSARG3.36+0.00%027/12 
 WisdomTree PolkadotDOTW3.53+0.00%010/11 
 WisdomTree CardanoADAW3.520.00%016/12 
 VanEck TRON AVTRXG6.200.00%001/02 
 iShares MSCI World Small Cap ESG Enhanced UCITS USEWSA4.59+0.00%001/02 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Area LiquidUIMC12.74+0.00%002/02 
 WisdomTree Crypto MarketWBLCG2.160.00%016/11 
 BTCetc - Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCE22.220.00%003/02 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short BiotechnologySIBB5.930.00%028/09 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short SemiconductorsSSMH2.650.00%001/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ARKG Genomic3ARG0.27+0.00%003/02 
 iShares V PLC - iShares S&P U.S. Banks UCITS USD IBNKT4.55+0.00%002/02 
 UBS Irl ETF plc - MSCI USA UCITS USD A-disUBU392.18+0.00%003/02 
 First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy UCITSQCLU20.730.00%003/02 
 Lyxor JPX Nikkei 400 UCITSJPX46,093.2+0.00%030/01 
 Franklin LibertyQ Global Equity SRI UCITSFLXG132.02+0.00%006/01 
 iShares $ Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF USD IncSUOU4.340.00%003/02 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ARKW NextGen InternetSARW1.940.00%003/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions MSCI Europe DRCEU285.93+0.00%001/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ARKW NextGen Internet3ARW0.080.00%003/02 
 FlexShares® Developed Markets High Dividend ClimatQDFD23.60+0.00%002/02 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI USA hedged A-disUE3128.59+0.00%027/01 
 iShares MSCI World Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS USDWPAD4.590.00%031/01 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Taiwan Semiconductor (TSLSSTSM2.590.00%024/01 
 UBS ETF MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITS USD A-disUB2039.600.00%002/01 
 Leverage Shares 3x JD.Com3JD0.310.00%030/01 
 Leverage Shares 3x Baidu3BID0.260.00%030/01 
 Leverage Shares 3x Disney3DIS0.58+0.00%003/02 
 iShares MSCI World Industrials Sector ESG UCITS USWINSE4.950.00%017/01 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI UCITS ETF USD (Dist)SUJD5.510.00%003/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Smart City UCITS ESCITY60.030.00%020/01 
 UBS ETF Barclays Capital US 1-3Y Treasury Bond USDUEFF22.460.00%012/01 
 Franklin FTSE Brazil UCITSFLX320.500.00%003/02 
 Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS 2NADAG7,803.51+0.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares 2x Netflix ETC ANFL215.87+0.00%003/02 
 UBS Factor MSCI EMU Prime Value U EUR AdUIMZ16.92+0.00%011/11 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short TeslaTSLQ0.100.00%003/02 
 Lyxor NYSE Arca Gold BUGS (DR) UCITSCD9125.320.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Uber3UBR0.23+0.00%002/02 
 UBS ETF Markit iBoxx Liquid Corporates UCITS EUR AUEFR96.850.00%017/05 
 LS 1x Airbnb TrackerABNB13.320.00%011/11 
 Amundi Index Breakeven Inflation USD 10Y UCITS DRBINFU54.00+0.00%003/02 
 LS 1x Alphabet TrackerGOOG13.530.00%004/01 
 iShares € Corp Bond ex-Financials 1-5yr UCITS EUR IX5A4.740.00%003/02 
 Franklin S&P 500 Paris Aligned ClimateFLX529.99+0.00%002/02 
 UBS ETF MSCI Canada UCITS CAD A-disUB2336.000.00%031/01 
 Leverage Shares 3x AMD3AMD1.15+0.00%002/02 
 UBS ETF Barclays Euro Area Liquid Corporates 1-5 YUEF612.680.00%018/01 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid CorporatesUEF712.990.00%025/05 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG Global CorporateV3GF4.40+0.00%003/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Total World3VT2.55+0.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares -3x Short US 500SSPY4.5971-3.42%001/02 
 iShares VII PLC - iShares Core S&P 500 ETF GBPH DiGSPX7.16+0.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares 2x Long Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B)2BRK4.80+0.00%002/02 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Minimum Volatility ESG UCMVLD113.08+0.00%010/11 
 LS Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) TrackerBERK4.900.00%002/02 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI Australia UCITS ETF (hedgUE2817.250.00%011/01 
 21Shares PolygonMATIC14.630.00%003/02 
 WisdomTree Crypto Mega Cap Equal WeightWMEG3.88+0.00%026/01 
 UTI India Sovereign Bond UCITS A USD AccumulatingUIGB9.040.00%028/10 
 UBS - MSCI Singapore UCITSUE2414.76+0.00%003/02 
 VanEck Vectors Polkadot AVDOT1.92+0.00%024/01 
 VanEck Vectors Solana AVS0L1.230.00%003/02 
 Amundi Index Solutions J.P. Morgan GBI Global GoviGGOVI50.09+0.00%004/01 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short BaiduSBIU13.190.00%030/01 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short DisneySDIS17.180.00%010/01 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short JD.ComSJD12.71+0.00%030/12 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short PelotonSPTO15.360.00%002/02 
 iShares China CNY Govt Bond UCITS USD IncCGBI4.930.00%031/01 
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Plug PowerSPLU2.440.00%002/02 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Automobiles & Parts UCITSSAOT5.51+0.00%002/02 
 Leverage Shares 3x Long China Tech3KWE0.470.00%031/01 
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