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France - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 2041.66 USD SP 500 31Dec99FRBNPP.7.250.00%020/05 
 BNP Call 4931.15 NASDAQ-100 31Dec99FRBNPP.31.200.00%024/04 
 BNP Put 7551.7 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99FRBNPP.16.930.00%029/05 
 BNP Put 3637.44 USD SP 500 31Dec99FRBNPP.3.310.00%026/05 
 BNP Put 3499.3 USD SP 500 31Dec99FRBNPP.1.150.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1866.27 RUSSELL2000 31Dec99FRBNPP.2.670.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1601.66 RUSSELL2000 31Dec99FRBNPP.1.390.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 9340.43 EUR DAX 31Dec99FRBNPP.7.570.00%010/03 
 BNP Call 9244.73 EUR DAX 31Dec99FRBNPP.13.060.00%010/03 
 BNP Call 7863.75 IBEX 35 31Dec99FRBNPP.1.240.00%028/02 
 BNP Call 7000 EUR DAX 31Dec99FR0011.6.140.00%012/03 
 BNP Call 5945.3 NASDAQ-100 31Dec99FRBNPP.3.290.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 5283.37 NASDAQ-100 31Dec99FRBNPP.27.120.00%014/04 
 BNP Call 4806.94 NASDAQ-100 31Dec99FRBNPP.36.170.00%028/05 
 BNP Call 2088.96 USD SP 500 31Dec99FRBNPP.7.140.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 4415.4 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99FRBNPP.2.260.00%011/03 
 BNP Call 4412.53 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99FRBNPP.2.810.00%011/03 
 BNP Call 4329.94 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99FRBNPP.3.850.00%011/03 
 BNP Call 4240.46 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99FRBNPP.1.110.00%012/03 
 BNP Call 4131.51 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.990.00%012/03 

Germany - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 2260.19 China EnterprisesDE3426.114.370-1.62%021/01 
 BNP ZT DAX 31Dec99DE7689.34.850-2.30%021/01 
 BNP ZT RBS ZAR TR Index 31Dec99DE9185.128.380+0.52%021/01 
 BNP ZT RBS Vietnam II TR IndexDEAA01.79.470-0.28%021/01 
 BNP ZT RBS TRY TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.60.990-1.02%021/01 
 BNP ZT RBS HUF TR Index 31Dec99DE9186.119.040-0.73%021/01 
 BNP ZT RBS CHF TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.148.740+0.43%021/01 
 BNP ZT RBS AUD TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.187.030-1.04%021/01 
 BNP ZT MSCI Daily TR Net EM IndonesDEAA12.132.920+0.89%021/01 
 BNP ZT HANG SENG 31Dec99DE6859.224.520-1.84%021/01 
 BNP ZT DAXplus MV Germany TRDEAA0K.76.430-1.98%021/01 
 BNP ZT DAXplus Minimum Variance PRDEAA0K.44.5800.00%031/08 
 BNP ZT DAXGlobal Russia RUB PRDEABN9.41.270-2.16%021/01 
 BNP ZT DAXGlobal Agribusiness PriceDEAA0K.76.530-2.51%021/01 
 BNP ZT BNP Vietnam Price ReturnDEAA0K.26.980-0.26%021/01 
 BNP Call 2457 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE7217.125.810-2.38%021/01 
 BNP KOSPI 200 Index 31Dec99DE5715.274.280-2.86%021/01 
 BNP DJ Stoxx 600 Cyclical Goods SerDE8274.23.190-2.97%021/01 
 BNP DAXplus Maximum Sharpe Ger TRDEAA0K.88.620-2.37%021/01 
 BNP Call RBS Generic Drugs TR IndexDEABN9.218.030-2.28%021/01 

Italy - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 1880 USD SP 500 17Dec25NL3140.21.710-5.28%0.08K21/01 
 BNP Zt 19255,98 FTSE MIB 17Dec21NL3038.122.6000.00%016/03 
 BNP CALL STOXX Banks Future 19Mar21NL2663.0.0010.00%012/03 
 BNP Call 17500 EUR FTSE MIB 18Dec20NL1955.0.1320.00%011/03 
 BNP PUT 8506 USD NASDAQ 100 16Dec20NL2662.2.7900.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 8900 USD NASDAQ 100 16Dec20NL2667.2.3650.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 4000 NASDAQ 100 16Dec20NL2165.64.1500.00%016/11 
 BNP Call 4500 NASDAQ 100 16Dec20NL2165.59.3500.00%016/11 
 BNP Call 5000 NASDAQ 100 16Dec20NL2165.48.5000.00%002/11 
 BNP CALL 5372 NASDAQ 100 16Dec20NL2662.49.1000.00%025/08 
 BNP Put 24130 Nikkei 225 17Dec25NL3140.1.1580.00%004/02 
 BNP Put STOXX 50 Future 15Dec21NL2666.0.016+0.00%027/09 
 BNP Call STOXX 50 Future 15Dec21NL2666.0.081+0.00%007/12 
 BNP CALL STOXX 50 Future 19Mar21NL2663.6.8100.00%016/03 
 BNP PUT STOXX Banks Future 19Mar21NL2663.0.0150.00%016/11 
 BNP Put 4600 DJ STOXX 50 16Dec20NL2165.1.4750.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 16500 EUR FTSE MIB 18Dec20NL1955.0.1220.00%012/03 
 BNP Call 1500 DJ STOXX 50 16Dec20NL1842.20.9200.00%016/09 
 BNP Call 2200 DJ STOXX 50 16Dec20NL1764.10.8000.00%003/11 
 BNP Call 2700 DJ STOXX 50 16Dec20NL1842.6.5100.00%006/03 

Netherlands - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 10029.7 EUR DAX 31Dec99NL0013.19.2200.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 488 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.8.4160.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 6366.33 USD NASDAQ-100NL0013.25.2500.00%022/05 
 BNP Call 6316.83 USD NASDAQ-100NL0013.26.4200.00%021/05 
 BNP Call 6217.82 USD NASDAQ-100NL0013.28.0400.00%025/05 
 BNP Call 5500 GBP FTSE 100 31Dec99NL0010.18.2000.00%009/04 
 BNP Call 500.09 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.6.3010.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 496.13 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.6.9170.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 495.14 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.6.9210.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 486.13 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.7.5130.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 7030 EUR DAX 31Dec99NL0010.39.2700.00%028/05 
 BNP Call 480.69 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.8.3280.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 475.74 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.8.8500.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 473.26 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.9.3640.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 4670 USD NASDAQ-100NL0012.23.9000.00%024/03 
 BNP Call 4663.36 EUR CAC 40 31Dec99NL0013.2.9000.00%010/03 
 BNP Call 458 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0012.13.9120.00%003/03 
 BNP Call 4570 USD NASDAQ-100NL0012.43.2300.00%026/05 
 BNP Call 6700 EUR DAX 31Dec99NL0010.35.2400.00%018/05 
 BNP Call 7520 CHF SWISS MARKETNL0010.31.3000.00%008/05 
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