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Adam Harris

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Trading and Investing is Adam’s second career after building and selling a successful post-production film and television company in 2008.

For a brief time after that, he consulted in the Northern Scottish Oil Industry as a Brand Manager and then settled down in London to begin his journey as a technical trader and investor in late 2009.

Heavily influenced by traditional investors, including Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, Michael Burry and Jim Rogers, and technical traders Larry Williams, Nick McDonald, Al Brooks and other masters.

Adam has experience with regulated funds and managed accounts for private clients, as well as trading firms over the years. He trades capital using a combination of discretionary and algorithmic trading systems, on multiple timeframes, across all asset classes.

He is an active investor in global stocks, and sees portfolio management as a viable opportunity for educated individuals.

Adam is also a Chief Market Analyst for a few select brokerage firms around the world, and most importantly, provides high-level analysis for some of the world’s most respected exchanges, including NADEX, Fineco Bank, TradeStation, Ninja Trader, the I.C.E. exchange, and the C.M.E. (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) Futures Institute amongst others.

He is looking forward to bringing his strong technical perspective and years of real-world trading, on the markets to’s subscribers.